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March 16, 2020



Your taste in reading is mostly different than mine, but I always find at least one book that appeals to me; and I'm looking forward to reading some you've listed here. I am so glad you blog when so many have given up; your posts are always entertaining and informative in one way or another. I always look forward to seeing what you are up to.


Thank you for the recommendations. I keep a list of books to download from my library- it’s always fun to discover new authors. Be safe and well. Thanks fir sharing.


Thanks for your book suggestions! I am a huge fan of Louise Penny and have read all of the books in her series. I feel that I know the characters and the Three Pines village - as if they were real! Although I have not read the "Call the Midwife" series, the PBS show is excellent and I would imagine that the books are equally good. I will definitely be checking out some of the other titles that you've listed.

Carla B.

Thanks for your decision to post daily as we all travel thru the next 30 or so days. I’m very fortunate as I have oodles of things to keep me quite occupied. I have a 2 piles of wood that I need to move and stack! Lol, our furnace went on the fritz a few days after Christmas. (And was told it needed to be replaced). As luck would have it, for the first time, we decided to only heat with fuel this winter (Maine). We are in our late 70’s and decided to forgo our favorite method of heating....that being our wood stove! We were sooooo fortunate to have been able to find 2 cords of seasoned wood, and 2 cords of unseasoned. BUT already had been blessed with 3 snowstorms. Finding a spot to drop the wood was a bit challenging and of course it was on top of at least 2 feet of snow. Yesterday finally able to set out where to stack the final 2 piles that were delivered.

Never am I able to start yard work so early in the season here, but snow finally gone and dry enough to start raking. Which I did all weekend. Now, I’ll add a book from your list for last thing at night. Have to have my daily quilting time too. And that’s perfect also as have to have a college graduation quilt done for a granddaughter. Starting as soon as finish machine quilting this QOV....and I use a domestic machine.

Phew, who has time to go galavanting around the countryside. Oops, forgot agility time with the two Cattle Dogs. I just retired from my profession as a registered nurse 3 years ago and believe that it’s Very Important to have and maintain a positive and loving attitude, especially during times such as these.

That is why I was and am so blessed with your decision to post daily and use your voice to help and encourage your readers. (And I can also extrapolate that you also do this for your family, friends, and acquaintances.).

Mary Kastner

Thank you Nicole! I look forward to your posts. Be well!

Robby H.

Thanks! Always fun to find some new books to check out. Be well!

T Holzer

Thanks, Nicole. I just started watching the midwife series and I'm hooked! I guess I'll have to read the book too. I am almost finished Elizabeth George's book "what came before he shot her" and it is a fantastic book and it makes me wonder if you ever continued with her books after Lynley's wife was shot? I'm just curious!! I think that you should make another cake today.......


Thank you! Your last book list was by request only at our library...very popular, but worth the wait. Looking forward to easy finds and out of the ordinary reads.

Linda Kay Smith

Thanks for more book recommendations. I'm so glad I have access to Overdrive through our library. It will be especially handy since I can download books to my Kindle without going out.
I also have several small quilt/table runner projects I plan to machine quilt myself. I'm getting more comfortable with doing cross-hatch quilting and it turns out looking pretty good. I also have some yard clean up that needs done once it warms up a little here.
By the way, love the picture of the books arranged by color - very appealing.

Diane Linford

Thank you, thank you. This was just the shot in the arm I needed! Stay well.

Linda Hayes

Thanks so much for all of these recommendations 😊


Love love Louise Penney books have read lots on your list but have a few books already downloaded ready to go and also lots of ufo’s to do am sitting in LAX awaiting flight home then 2 weeks quarantine, will look forward to your posts thanks


Good morning Nicole! Thanks for posting all week when everyone is in need of some happy news! I flew all day yesterday & almost finished the very popular "Nothing To See Here" by Kevin Wilson. It's currently on a lot of book club lists & I understand why!


I see some books I want to read on your list. My local library is closed for 30 days and I don’t own a electronic reader. I’ll have to remedy this situation!
Thanks for sharing!

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