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March 25, 2020


Wendy Currie

Wow Nicole I am impressed with all of your piecing and homeschooling as well!
I have been watching the laundry basket mystery but didn’t jump in but it sure was tempting. Carries house pattern is calling me and ai am also working on blockheads 3. I am fortunate to have customer quilts to work on and am also home for the duration. I sure am thankful for my quilting!
In Ontario Canada where I am only essential business is allowed open so no salons open here either...


I love the Laundry Basket project, but I don't feel like making a large project. Can you share what other sew-alongs you are working on?

Robby H.

There are only sew many hours in a day, and the sewing of knowledge is great work. Four hours of one on one time is probably close to as effective as a full day of school, possibly more since you can more quickly see when things are not being grasped. What a gift for you to invest that time in Eva.

Joan S

I am going to miss my hairdresser too! Thankfully, I just saw her last week, but a hat might be in my future too. Lol
Your blocks look great! I could never get those done in a day.

Mary Kastner

LIfe goes on doesn't it. I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is say a silent prayer that no one I know is sick or gets sick. I am quilting and sewing and listening to the news. I am also taking an outside walk everyday. Don't know how much longer that will be allowed. I am glad to hear things are OK with you. BE well and be safe!



My hairdresser is closed too and I joked to my husband that it means we will soon see just how gray my hair is. He looked startled and it turns out he was not aware I had been coloring my hair (I've been doing it for about 6 years). Apparently he didn't notice that it was taking 3 hours every time I went for a "hair cut."


Homeschooling is something Eva will always remember about your time together. One day in the future, she'll tell her children & grandchildren about her time spent learning at home with you. The 'new' fabric adds interest without over-powering the blocks. It's nice that you're getting some time to work on your quilt along projects, too. Stay well!

Annie O

I’m using the same red and tan combo! Great minds think alike :). Mine is very scrappy, using some from a fat quarter collection and also pulling from scraps and stash. There is so. much.fabric in my storage that I need to use up! Enjoy your stitching time. Did you see the correction I’m cutting for the Block 5? Your granddaughter is such a cutie.


4 hrs a day sound pretty productive to me. my hair is a mess but it is out of my control.

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