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March 17, 2020



I love this quilt. But labor intensive! Every day I plan to be productive but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m hoping my new wool pressing mat will get me going.


Yes, I have a UFO or two, or a dozen! And this is a good time to work on them. We're staying in too, with just necessary trips to the grocery store and walks with the dogs.

Nancy Watkins

I always loved these blocks and wish I would have participated in this. Yours is going to look smashing and I can’t wait to see it!

Robby H.

I am also hoping this is a productive sewing time. Alas, my dining table is my sewing room and I find I now have an "office mate" as my DH is working from home some days. I'm glad he's at home more, but it takes some getting used to having someone in my "office" as it were. Happy sewing!

Joan S

I could work on UFOs for at least a year! All my tubs of fabric need to be organized and purged. Lots to do if only I would get started!! We also have our granddaughter here for a few weeks. I hope we can find an Easter sewing project to work on.

Sherry V.

Your quilt will be great.

I have noticed a lot of posts on Facebook about museums, like the Smithsonian, have virtual tours. Then there are postings about on-line classes, etc.

I am not looking forward to being quarantined but between craft supplies, UFOs and these on-line options I am sure that I will be able to keep myself busy.

Jane Eilderts

Beautiful quilt!! I am digging out an UFO today too. The blocks are all done it is just the flying geese borders that I got tired of making, so I packed it away! Time to carry on!!! I have three UFOs I can finish and shelves of fabric so I won’t get bored!!

Mary Kastner

Very good idea. I certainly can find a UFO to finish for sure! Take care and be well!


Oh, I like that one. I pulled out a vintage top I have been hand quilting off and on for years. I think I will get that one finished. I have 4 ufo's that are big quilts I really would like finished and I bought paint for the sewing room a month ago thinking we might be hunkerd down at home. I'm glad I have it but wish I had been wrong. Stay well.

Stephani in N. TX

I'm still tackling my UFO - my current project. After 3-4 days of stitching I have the second round of 24 sub-blocks which adds up to only 6 total blocks. Slow going but I love the blocks, TX Twister by Bonnie Hunter. For diversion yesterday, I cut strips for the alternate block. I aim to watch less TV and do more enjoyable things, try to keep the info overload at bay. Love your star blocks, looks like some brown, pink and cream, all of which are my favorites in a quilt.


I love this...right up my alley. Thanks for all your book suggestions too...I always enjoy your critiques, and find them most helpful. I staying put as much as possible also, but have many options to keep me occupied! Keep safe!


Is Eva interested in learning to sew? I know many of us learned to sew doll clothes at about her age. This might be an opportunity to get her started on a simple project--an Easter apron or an easy skirt pattern?


oh, yes! that is lovely. I'm working on wool table runner. ;p

Pamela Boatright

I love this! The perfect project for keeping mind and hands busy right now...

Michele Klein

I'm working on several things at once..a couple of UFO's and of course I saw an email that had a cute pattern that I "just have to make". I really do need to work on one and get it done so I'm not so disorganized. Hopefully this craziness will end soon and we can get back to normal.

Diane Linford

I remember this project well from when you were originally working on it. I love it.


Yes will be dragging out some ufos. I made it back to Australia, need to tidy up house, men a bit messy, then onto the machine

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