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March 26, 2020


Wendy Currie

I too went for groceries yesterday, some for us and some for my Dad. There are plexi glass shields between customers and cashiers and six foot markers on the floors here. The store was eerily quiet despite the many shoppers. The stores are also allowing just so many in at a time.
My daughter is expecting in May, she and her husband are thankfully able to work from home and are well stocked up so are not leaving their home or allowing anyone in.
My husband is still working, I however am working in my studio here which I am ever thankful for!

Nadine Saunders

I loved "The Promise". I would highly recommend it.


Both books sound excellent; thanks for sharing.

The county north of us has a travel restriction ban - only be on the road for work, health reasons, or food. I drove anyway because I was delivering face masks to a friend who needed them. The roads were virtually empty; it was creepy.


Thank you so much for continuing to post! You are my daily beacon! Those tiny libraries are so cute! We have many scattered around our neighborhood. Just wanted to recommend a terrific read... Station Eleven. Although it’s about a pandemic it’s about the aftermath and the people it effects. Being made into a movie.


My friend, who is also my long arm quilter, lives in the mountains 40 miles from our town. Last summer she put out a little library/book exchange on the highway to Yellowstone that passes her house. Not only are her neighbors using it, but she saw several tourists turn around & come back too! Our furniture thrift store offers books for free & she re-stocks using those as well as donations from friends & neighbors. Our grocery store has Sr. Day on the first Thursday every month. There are always elderly men with carts patiently standing in the middle of the aisles!
Thank you for keeping your blog going for your readers. It's a wonderful way to begin the day.

Susan Wong

Thank you for the book recommendations.

If you are interested- Erik Larson has written two excellent non-fiction books about the same topics. They read like novels.

The Splendid and the Vile- about Churchill and England during the Blitz

Issac's Storm- about the Galveston Hurricane

Actually, all of Erik Larson's books are excellent, especially Devil in the White City


Yes, the shopping has been weird. We didn't stock up on anything before hand. We did not anticipate the hoarding.

I did try to get Clorox wipes b4 the hoarding with no luck. :( We are just using soap and water.


Some of our local "free libraries" have been turned into "free pantries" Filled with can goods, boxed mac & cheese, etc., etc.


Stay safe, and a warm thank you from Romania! I have been reading your posts from the very beginning. I started to read We must be brave and find it very endearing. Wishing good health for you and your family!

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