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March 30, 2020



You are hilarious! You're not a fool.... you just live to quilt like the rest of us..Haha. Love the blocks you've done so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

Robby H.

I never noticed you didn't have a subscribe option, I just linked you in my Feedly reader and you pop up automatically. Congratulations on the blog technology jump. I know nothing about blogging, so I'd say we each just have our own skill sets.

I had really avoided your SAL madness, but this last one may just suck me in. Off to look more closely. Meanwhile, stay well and enjoy your victory!


Thanks for the suggestion, I am trying to Complete a few ufo’s before my quarantine finishes and I head back to work


I use Feedly- an app that collects new postings from blogs that I subscribe too. I love it as I’m not bombarded with emails.

We are on week 3 of lockdown in NY. I did that stashbuster quilt too. It’s amazing how many ways you can position those blocks. So glad I have my sewing therapy. Who knew my stash would be such an asset?

Stay well. Thanks fir sharing!

Mary Kastner

I really like your new blocks. I am trying to finish projects but this is tempting me. Hang in there and stay well.



Another sew along!!! I'm glad you joined and told us about it because this looks like one for me. I have a bag of leftover fabric from other quilts (not yardage and not scraps, but more in between sizes) and I've been looking for a way to turn them into a bed size quilt.


Im thinking my flannel stash would be nice for this new sew along.

T Holzer

I could send you my Kim Diehl scraps and leftovers and you could put them to good use! Have a great day, Nicole!! You still need a project for that tub of batiks still......


I've been following you for years through RSS. I don't know how I first linked it up, but it happened. I like the new project!


Subscribe? Old dogs & new tricks, as the saying goes. I usually go to your blog via Thelma Cupcake's sidebar list. I actually have a separate bookmark for yours, but like to check to see if she's posted anything new. It's good for your mental well-being to have all those sew-alongs/stash busters to focus on right now. Our local quilt shop is doing curbside pick up & appointments to shop inside. I need solid white fabric & some Pellon so will be calling in my order later this week. We need to keep our local small businesses & restaurants going!


I have also joined in on a I must be a contender, too!! Loved this post of yours, Nicole. Thanks, we all needed a good laugh!


O.M.G. That quilt is gorgeous!


That was easy. I'll look forward to knowing when you post. I am in a finish it mode with quilts while I am doing some home dec stuff that has been hanging over my head. You all stay well and thanks for the blog. I really enjoy it.

Jennifer in Indy

Oh my gosh, your blocks are great and that quilt is gorgeous!


You are too funny! I think you express what a lot of us do about technology. We need to give ourselves credit for embracing such change & to have the thrill when we learn something new, LOL!
And I am just gobsmacked that you mentioned Border Creek Station. I live in Ontario, Canada & know this company well! I love Sheri's style & she's such a joy to chat with.
Thank you so much.....I thoroughly enjoy your blog!


Thanks for reminding me! I had downloaded the Stashbuster pattern from Border Creek Station back in December but haven't touched it. I was going to be finishing things but I get tempted. I can certainly join the competition for UFO' s!

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