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March 24, 2020



I'm not sure about the tan, but you can wait to see how this plays out before deciding. It would be nice to know in the first place, although I understand a mystery quilt is supposed to be just that...a wait-and-see activity! You have to trust the designer! Eva has a great sense of humor! Her mask is elegant, by the way! Our mask-making project wasn't the easiest to figure out yesterday! I managed to get two finished & will work on some more today. They're for our local hospital which makes it very relatable! Thanks, as always, for some good news from the 'outside'! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

I made masks as well for our hospital. I can't imagine working at a health care facility right now. Eva's is very cute. Stay well!


Sandy Carlson

I am doing the Laundry Basket mystery quilt as well. Trying to use my stash, but fear I used a piece I don't have a lot of for that large stripe in the border blocks (where your tan is placed). I won't have enough if the stripe continues to the middle. Hoping I didn't make the wrong choice as well.


1) Eva is such a beautiful girl! Tell her she can play doctor with her dolls.

2) I love Edyta's designs. I have an elephant quilt that she designed that needs embroidered eyes b4 I can send to the quilter. ;p

3) Yes, things are going to get a lot worse b4 we get out of this mess. If the gov't had acted 8 weeks ago and started containment like S.Korea, Singapore, and Japan had we would not be in such dire circumstances. This is going to touch everyone. Everyone.

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