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March 18, 2020


Carla B.

What a great article. I just picked up a hand cream yesterday when out shopping due to so much frequent hand washing. Since I’m a registered nurse, I always wash frequently but now this habit is in overdrive lol. Well, for the first time, I just stood there for ages trying to make a decision because there are soooo many products available now. Ended up with my old standby, Udder Cream. What can I say, I’m an old farm girl. I’m finally down to just one horse. Only a few years ago had 4 was a pony. We found a young child who was a perfect fit for Isaiah after all of my grands outgrew him. Also has sheep and chickens.

Thanks bunches for this information. I already wrote it down on my weekly shopping list. Love products that have been recommended by family and friends. We have a small local pharmacy that I’ll look in first as we practice ‘shop local’ as often as humanly possible.

Patricia Boyle

Great information. I have used Cetaphil Daily moisturizer for years at the recommendation of my dermatologist and have been pleased with the results.


Thank you for the Cetaphil recommendations. I love to use products that you actually can find, and not just in a high end department store in a big city!


Oops... I meant to say ,thank you for the CeraVe recommendations! Had Cetaphil on my brain after reading one of the comments!


I've not worn makeup in a decade. My skin routine is hand cream in the winter. I rarely wash my face with anything other than water. It worked for my grandmother and it works for me.


Thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to add to my list for my next shopping trip!


Thanks for the great info. I've been wondering about the CeraVe line and will definitely give them a try. I do love the Cetaphil products, too.

Follow your blog with interest, since we lived for years in Pioneer. Now divide our time between Glen Ellen and Australia, but always like to visit Amador County when we are in California!


My husband uses CeraVe at the suggestion of our pharmacist. I'm a long-time Olay user, but may give it a try, too. Regarding's no make-up & leggings all day everyday in my world right now! Thanks for the morning boost this week. You're really giving us lots to think about when one subject is making everyone nervous & worried. Your time & effort are truly appreciated! Stay well!


I’ve just been on the hunt for some new, more affordable skin care. Thanks for the recommendations.


I bought some of this after you mentioned you used it some time ago. It has been good for me and I am enjoying it. I have the hand cream too. I use that at night on my hands and it helps with all the hand washing going on. My daughter uses it now too. Thanks for sharing with us.

Enid Keyes

Nice to see someone else has discovered Cerave products. This past fall I was recovering from a broken leg and the skin on my leg and foot was truly awful after being in a boot for 8 weeks. My physical therapist recommended the Cerave Moisturizing Creme, and after just one application I could not believe the change in my skin. It was truly amazing and absolutely wonderful. Since then, I use it frequently on all my skin to keep it smooth, soft and nearly-perfect after 72 years of living in it! I really am enthusiastic about this stuff, because I have spent a small fortune in other products that just didn't do much. I live in Alaska, and our air in winter is so dry that one's skin doesn't have a chance no matter how hydrated one stays. But that's a problem no more. Thanks for letting others know about this brand. Its a very effective one.


Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely give these products a try!

Denise in PA

Thanks so much the recommendations! I really appreciate all that you share with us!


bonjour je suis tomber sur votre blog vraiment par hasard et j'adore vos patch et vos conseils, vous me donner le gout de resortir mes tissussurtout avec cette pandemie qui nous garde dans la maison. je vais revenir sur votre blog j'adore .claudette

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