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March 19, 2020


Robby H.

Our local schools are closed for at least another month. They are doing food pickups at the schools with the most students on free/reduced meal plans. There's a schedule posted and a box of food is sent home with anyone that needs it, you need not even have a child in that school. We've been asked to spread the word because you may not know who needs that food (a family with newly unemployed restaurant workers or a retired person who can't get what they need at the store). I bet your school district either has something or is working on something like this because they are easing federal regulations on what to do with the school lunch money for this time. Might be worth checking out.

And I'm sorry you'll miss out on visiting with your son, but better to have many more visits in the future I'm sure. Be well!


I understand, knowing your mad quilting skills, that those blocks are pretty basic! I used to buy those 100-block magazines every year. I'll bet you could find something in a similar book or magazine that would fill the bill.
These are frustrating times, for sure. Ahren made a good decision in my opinion. Disappointing for everyone, but it will pay off in the long run. I hated leaving my sister's on Monday, but I needed to get back home before flying was out of the question completely. It was strange with masked passengers & far fewer folks in the airports.
How about walking with Eva? She's old enough to understand the step-counting concept--maybe set her up with a Fit-Bit or let her carry your cell phone in her pocket to measure the number walked? It would give you time to be outdoors for awhile, too, just no chatting with the neighbors along the way!
I'm with your sister about the Apocalypse! Our local shop's quilt retreat was supposed to begin yesterday, but Holiday Inn where it's held, cancelled us on Tuesday. Now, there's a depressing bit of news--I had everything packed up & ready before I took my trip plus had baked & frozen my lime & gin macaroons & gingersnaps for the snack table. Those are now going to be given away because we sure don't need to eat 7 dozen cookies around here! Hmmmm...or maybe I'll barter for toilet paper??
Keep on keeping on & stay well everyone! ❤️

Mary Kastner

I am limiting my time on watching the news. My anxiety level is getting higher everyday. Scary times. THe only think that is saving my sanity is my quilting. Take care and be safe!


Sherry V.

All the hair salons have been closed in our town by the Mayor. . .by the time I can get my hair cut again it will probably be down to my knees! LOL (I'm 5'2" tall)

As for exercise, just this morning on the news they were talking about all the YouTube channels that are available, for free, for people who are "fitness junkies", everything from yoga to weightlifting. You might find something geared towards kids there.

It is sad about your son, but until this virus is done it is better to stay safe. . .guess I will have to learn to use Skype or something like that to keep in touch with my quilting friends. I might try to figure out if we could continue our "girl's day crafting" that way, or through some other method.

Since I might have more time on my hands soon (if our company needs to shut down) I might actually start posting to my blog again! LOL

Stay safe, stay sane and keep on stitching!


Try for movement activities for Eva. I use it all the time in my K classroom.


Debbie R.

Hi Nicole,
Thanks for continuing to post. It's something to look forward to every day! So much appreciated.
I'm working on some 2 3/4" blocks right now. Engrossing, challenging, and satisfying.
Carry on and be well.

Carol in Texas

I love your it through Thelma's site Vupcakes and Daisies. Thanks for the facial products recommendation. I am going to take your advice and try them. I also love your reading recommendations....though I am a much slower reader than you are, sadly.

Our little central Texas town is experiencing the same store shortages as the rest of the country. Our schools and churches are closed and the library is closed to the public....they will fill requests. Surely insanity cannot continue if reverse! I will one day be able to buy TP and eggs again!


For Eva's exercise: jump rope, hoola hoop, hop skotch are all for fun and can be done in the yard. You can even try to play hop skotch and hoola hoop with her. Long walks or small hikes with you and the dogs would be great for everyone. Getting outdoors is encouraged. We all just have to stay 6ft apart. ;p

Mary McG

Thank you for your post--I really enjoy seeing your blocks! Despite having gotten a starter kit from Betsy Chutchian, I have not done a single block yet. And now that I have some relatively free time from work, I find myself a bit too anxious and distracted to start anything new.
Schools in our area of Kansas have shut down for the semester or moved online. But the amazing generosity of our community has heartened me greatly. Most of our restaurants are serving sack lunches for children or providing food for families, our grocery stores are well-stocked and very clean, and people are really looking out for our elderly and needy via things like the Nextdoor App This is a fairly large university town and people have always been like this, thankfully.
I really sympathize with not getting to see your son. Our youngest daughter lives on the Isle of Wight in the U.K. with her husband and two little ones who are 5 years old and 10 months old--thank God for FaceTime as I do not know when we will be able to see them again in person. They do love living there, which helps, but I know they wanted to come and visit here soon.
I almost forgot--thank you also for the CeraVe post--I am always looking for good, unscented moisurizers, so I will try them.

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