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April 01, 2020



So cute and you forget that many of us will see this adorable display for Easter...Eva did a wonderful job and sounds like she made it quite fun, good for her! Love your blocks and looking good...

Robby H.

Love that she made you hunt for the carrots! It's a lovely display you two made. I think keeping markers in place for things like Easter helps keep track of time and maintain some "normalcy" even in a decidedly not normal time. Plus, it's just happy and we can use that right now.


Eva is learning from you about keeping a home looking cheerful & cozy. Every bit of that is going to be with her forever--she's going to have happy memories of time spent with you during a difficult time in the outside world. Hiding the carrots is adorable & the tiered stand decor says she's been watching you all along! It doesn't get any better than that! 💕💕

Stephani in N. TX

Thanks for the Easter preview and thanks to Eva for her contribution. My grandson stayed for sleepover at Nana's last night and it was so fun, after we sang Happy Birthday to his Daddy. We are seeing each other, just us four. And, Daddy brings me groceries too so I can avoid shopping. Fun time despite the going nowhere for quite a while. Stitching starts later today.


I am glad she is keeping the traditions alive for you. Your decorations look lovely. My daughter never got excited about the decorations, so I didn't have much motivation to put them up.

Mary Kastner

Your decorations look very festive. One of my brother's birthday is also today. MY sister and I usually tortured him endlessly all day until we finally would get in trouble. He is just the nicest man. I guess it didn't mar him too bad. Have a great weekend Nicole!


I have been obsessively stitching all the bunny patterns in wool. It's not that I'm excited about Easter. It's just something to obsess over right now.....kind of like your puzzles. It has no calories, entertains me for hours, and I have something to show for my time spent. ;p


Wow Eva is getting to be quite the little decorator 😍 Love it all!

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