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April 02, 2020


Robby H.

Puzzles seem to be very popular right now. A friend finds them a great stress manager and is lamenting that their current living situation doesn't give them room for one. I think the puzzles solve a need to put things in order and control something, anything right now. And, I couldn't help but notice that the shape of our cake is similar to a donut. Ha! I need to check out that recipe, so thanks for that.


I have a stack of puzzles but hesitate to even open one - I am the same way you are about sticking with it. There are too many
UFO's in my sewing room that need my attention.

Thanks for the cake link. I have PW's cookbooks and love every recipe I have.


We have a 1000-piece puzzle going here but just spend ½ hour or so at a time....several times a day! 😂Yummy looking cake! My husband was able to find fresh blueberries in the grocery store yesterday, so I'm baking a delicious blueberry muffin cake this morning. Our local quilt shop is offering call-in, then pick-up curbside service. I needed solid white fabric & some fuseable interfacing & was able to take advantage of their service. I hadn't been out for 2 weeks, so it was a treat to drive to town! Stay well!

Lynn C. (NJ)

Loved reading your blog today especially when you said "I am so addicted to these darn puzzles. I get nothing n.o.t.h.i.n.g done when we have one out." Could not agree with you more!
I haven't started a puzzle yet because the world stops until it is finished. But I can feel myself

Carla B.

Chuckled through this entire post and the comments! The cake looks sooo yummy. I guess drooling isn’t a good social response but I Am the required social distancing per guidelines!

And I’m so delighted to find that I’m not the only one addicted to having to stay with a puzzle through completion.

We ended up with a bonus gift originating from this unusual situation. Three of our 4 boys are carpenters like my husband. Due to the present times, our youngest found himself with time on his hands.

So now, he is working on a long punch list for us as we are trying to finish some long overdue renovations. (I will end up wit.h a larger sewing room). We all know the drill, since hubby does carpentry, we’re the last ones to get any done! I happen to be quite patient as I know how hard he works. But I am guilty of pouncing when I see “ an open window”.

Take care to all. Keep “making lemonade”.


lol @ "led away by the arm"

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