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April 10, 2020



I am trying to finish up old projects too. Sadly. I am in the same boat with the food. I love to bake and eat! The days DO run into each other.

I try to accomplish ‘something’ each day. We are so fortunate to be able to download books,watch movies and tv, the time eating internet, and the magic if Amazon for rotary blades when the shops are closed. I was on bedrest when I was pregnant years ago and it was harder than this!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!🐰


We woke up to snow which isn't exactly rare for Northwestern Pennsylvania, but it just seems to add to the misery of everything else that's going on. At least we will be celebrating Jesus and Easter. Hoping to get some sewing done too.

Robby H.

We're also in the crazy-making between time of 70 on Saturday and cold/snow all day Sunday (Easter!)

Things have calmed down a bit at the grocery and I've been buying heads of lettuce which last much longer than the bags. I also think we're getting late enough in the year that things are growing closer to home so they spend less shelf-life in transit.

Happy Easter!

Mary Kastner

Have a nice holiday weekend. I am making some new quilts for my granddaughters . It is a good distraction for me for sure.



Re-pressing probably drove you to go outside for awhile! The book does sound like a good escape from the same ol' same ol'! I find myself remembering what day it was by what tv show was on in the evening. Pretty pathetic! Our local art league has put out a call for paintings, journals, etc. depicting these times. I've emailed asking if fiber arts are included because that could be fun...or not. Have a good weekend & a happy Easter everyone! Stay well!


A lot of comfort food here, too. I've baked molasses cookies twice. My husband doesn't like them so that means I've eaten all of the cookies myself. Um, that is going to be a problem.

You should have saved the ironing for Eva. She would probably enjoy helping you. The blocks really are lovely. Can't wait to see the quilt.


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful and humorous blog posts. With coffee in hand, I open my laptop every morning and read your blog first before I check the weather or read the news. It almost always puts a smile on my face.
Those little blocks are going to make a lovely quilt.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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