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April 29, 2020



I am in Pennsylvania, and our county has only 7 reported cases. I am considered an 'essential' employee, so whether at home or at work, I saw very little traffic. Now, people are getting out more and more even though we are told not to travel. We are hearing that by May 8 the governor will open up a few things. But I agree with you - let me get a visit to the salon. These roots are driving me crazy.

Mary Kastner

I am definitely getting more stircrazy by the day. This is really quite the experience but not one I really wanted to do. NOw they are saying the kids may go back to school in July. How about they get to go to the swimming pool? This hasn't been easy on them for sure. On a lighter note, I am getting projects finished in the quilt room. That feels good. Planted some tomatoes. I need some annuals now. We are all coping pretty darn well considering. TAke care and be safe!



Our county in Wyoming has had just one case. But residents have been good about quarantining & finding ways to cope. Salons, barber shops & gyms are permitted to open with restrictions this Friday. Sitting on a quiet porch enjoying the silence is a soothing way to spend some time. Slowing down is something we all needed to do, but I know your dad is missing his family & friends coming & going!


I am so sorry about your dad. :( I can imagine he is very lonely. There just isn't a good solution.

I love your porch...It is a little more quiet around here but not as much as I would expect. We grocery shopped yesterday. 3 stores and still couldn't get things like Tylenol, Flour, and pinto beans.

However, there were a lot more people shopping in all 3 stores. I don't know if people are getting stir crazy and going out more if these are the hoarders who have finally run out of food and had to shop.


What a cute puzzle, I'm now on my 3rd one that has 2000 pieces so it's slow going. Yes, I am so concerned for the elderly that are on their own. I got to see my dad for a minute when he arrived at my local airport March 21. I just cried, pointed to his car that I had loaded up with groceries and walked over to my ride home. He headed back to BC and I haven't seen him since. Take care

Kathy B

I, too, have an elderly Dad. He is 89 and lives by himself. It is so hard,even though I live in the same town. We are having terrible rain storms so I will not get there today. Here in Wisconsin we are under quarantine until May 26. Try not to watch too much of the news.

Cinthia Kuipers

My elderly father-in-law is in the local nursing home. We aren't allowed in to visit. They do allow mail drop off and I enclose a little note from us each time. My parents live 3 hours away. My dad is in early stages of Alzheimer's. I would so love to be able to spend time with them, but don't want to risk it. Take care.


So sad, but I'm sure he enjoys the Facetime. My dad just passed in November, so I think how lucky I am he passed when he did and not now. I couldn't even imagine not being with him. I do visit my mom once a week, but she's doing well. Such craziness. Did your FIL pass? I remember him being such a sweetie and wondering how he would be during all this craziness.


My county in SD has had only 5 cases, but people were doing a good job of self-isolating. However, our governor yesterday a Back to Normal plan and our city just opened up most everything - bars, restaurants, etc. Our state has not tested much except in the “hot spots” so this worries me. Stay safe everyone!

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