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April 20, 2020


Carla B.

Thanks for sharing the post from Fat Quarter Shop. It's hilarious. Such a fun way to start my morning and along with your gorgeous quilt. I too avoid Mystery Quilts for the same reason. Did one way back when and although it was OK, I felt it was a waste of my time. Reason was that I would never have placed the colors/fabrics where they landed if I had seen the pattern. And this is from a person who instigated 'Mystery Rides' with the family all the time. Meaning we would start driving with the kids in tow. One was designated to choose the direction and turns the driver (hubby) was to make. And another boy would usually take over along the way. We never knew where we were heading and lots of times ended up at some very interesting places. Oh, and another boy was in charge of the finances for the trip. Pretty cool as this was one of the ways they learned about money.

Since I worked full time as a registered nurse, time was very valuable. All four boys were still at home back then too. I actually donated that quilt.


Nice job on that quilt.


Congrats on your finish and looks great! it feels good and wow love your colors. Now, on to other finishes...😊


So glad you were able to complete the quilt top, and it's a winner.

Wendy Currie

Good for you!! Very impressive and I agree I love three sisters fabric lines and have several quilts to prove it. I do like the quilt though agree with what you would have changed had you will stand as a reminder though of this time period of when it was sewn.
I had a couple really good FaceTime chats with my 8yr old grandson who is very much enjoying homeschooling I asked if he missed his teacher and class and he said not really he likes his new online teacher but misses his best buddy. His biggest concern however is whether he can come and swim with me in the summer...we usually spend a lot of time together and had a trip planned to Wisconsin Dells.
Enjoy your week with Eva. I am off to watch the Kimberly

T Holzer

Your LBQ Mystery turned out really well and how great does it feel to use up that older fabric?? Make room for new stuff, heh??? Have a fantastic week with Eva!!


Your mystery quilt is lovely. I think the tan corners allow the center to be the 'star' of the show. Brighter colors might draw attention away. Eva looks ready to get back to work after a weekend off from studies. Enjoy your day together! Stay well!

Betty meyer

Very pretty quilt! I used both of those lines when they came out. Cant go to far off with that designer unless you hate intricate work.

Mary Kastner

The quilt is lovely. It looks like a lot of work and you did a great job. It is nice you get to spend time with Eva. I haven't seen my girls. I get it but I hate it. I am so over this! Enjoy your day with your granddaughter.


Cathy McMann

I agree with your concern regarding mystery quilts and color placement yet your quilt came out so beautifully. I'm working with some older 3 Sisters collections now too - Paris Flea Market, Seaside Rose, and Aviary. They do go well together.


Your quilt is gorgeous and thanks for sharing! It gives me ideas for diving into some older stash. I love that you are still blogging and appreciate your posts helping us get through this virus business!

Patty Fowl

Your Mystery quilt is beautiful! I have a quilt on our bed that is largely made from Aster Manor... loved that line of fabric. Nicole, I am looking to find a blogger that writes about fashion, skin care, makeup for the "mature" woman (over 60). Do you follow anyone or can you recommend anyone? Thank you and have a wonderful week.


Your mystery quilt turned out beautiful! I, too, avoid mystery quilts based on one experience where I felt that I had wasted my time and money and was unhappy with the end result. But yours is just lovely.
Thanks for sharing the post from FQS. So funny!


what a gorgeous finish! yay, you! Eva will always have the memories of being home-schooled during a pandemic.

AnnieO in SoCalif

Looks just beautiful, Nicole! I started a few blocks but then got bogged down with necessary mask sewing and have not gotten back to the LB blocks. I did download all the patterns tho. Your granddaughter is looking very grown up these days. Enjoy the interaction!

Joan S

Beautiful quilt, Nicole! I am still sewing houses...
You and Eva are making some great memories!


I feel like the border is so perfect! Gives balance to the quilt.


Oh it's just beautiful. Love the colours. I didn't do it as I have so, so many other things to do....but may just have to print if off in case I want to later on😁😁


Love how your quilt turned out and with fabric on hand must be so satisfying! I can't believe how old Eva looks, such a cute young lady 😍

Jane Nadig

I too love your quilt. I wish I had worked on this Mystery Quilt when I saw you were making it.
Beautiful work.
Jane N

Jennifer in Indy

What a pretty quilt - love the border you added. Hope you had a good week with Eva.

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