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April 06, 2020


Wendy Currie

Wow Nicole what an accomplishment! I love your mystery quilt...I fell in love with the three sisters fabric lines around the time I first started reading your blog and have made several quilts with them.
I have been busy with customer quilts but will take a break this week to make masks for family and friends...I have a huge stash of batiks and with the new recommendations it seems a wise use of that stash.
Once I finish that I will load and quilt the baby quilt for our little angel who is due to arrive May 4th!
Enjoy your day!


As usual, your quilt top is stunning. Amazing what you have in your fabric collection! I've picked up a lot of Charles Wysocki puzzles at Goodwill when they were open. I'm still hesitant to start working on one - I'm up to my neck in sewing face masks right now.

Debbie R.

Congratulations on a lovely finish!

Mary Kastner

Wow! I am totally impressed with your new quilt top and even more so with your effort and determination! Super job!


Your mystery quilt will become a beautiful wedding gift! I'm not a fan of mystery quilts either, as I've done only one and was sorely disappointed in the results.

Stephani in N. TX

Great finish Nicole, I like the darker center and the blocks fanning out from there. Thanks to you and JAN for the muffin-type coffee cake recipe. Will be trying that soon so as not to let the lemons I still have fall by the wayside. Love Laundry Basket quilts, but they usually have more and smaller pieces than Bonnie's. I am nearly done with my TX Twister blocks, in fact will start sewing them together today while I stitch the last of the alternate blocks. Yay!


Your quilt is beautiful & will make a treasured wedding gift! Win-win in my book! Our local airport is unable to get masks for staff & rescue crew so I spent the weekend making some for them. Our fiber arts group can't meet today so we're having an online show & tell of projects during stay-at-home time. So happy to share the recipe & that Stephani is thinking about making the blueberry muffin cake! Comfort food, for sure! Stay well!

Sandy Carlson

Beautiful quilt! I also used from my stash of Fig Tree fabric. I also didn't get the center fabrics chosen best, but I really wanted to use stash so it is what it is. Still pretty, but not the impact of the original. Hope you enjoy all the other sew alongs just as much!


Awesome! Yours looks wonderful and good job getting all your blocks done! I had hoped to keep up but have already found myself changing up the fabrics I wanted to use and I'm only on blocks #2, #3 and #4! Great opportunity to use up stash though. The recipients will be thrilled!


Your quilt came out beautiful! And all from your stash, double yay! The recipients sure are lucky!

Jennifer in Indy

Your mystery quilt is great! Hope you’ve enjoyed the spring break week.

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