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April 13, 2020


Robby H.

My favorite cozy author is Krista Davis, and her Domestic Diva series if my favorite. She creates interesting characters that are flawed and warmly human. There are animals in the books and a fair amount of humor. I recommend (actually with pretty much any cozy series) starting with her first book so you can see the characters and their relationships develop. First book is "The Diva Runs out of Thyme".

There is also an excellent series set in Ashland, OR in a bakeshop. There are things that ocassionally require a little suspension of belief, but given the times we're living in, may not be as crazy as they first sound. Author is Ellie Alexander and the first book is "Meet Your Baker".

I look forward to what you think of your recent finds. Never too many good books.


Thank you for your book recommendations! Several of them sound good so I'll be checking them out.


I recommend The Cracked Spine series by Paige Shelton. Set in Edinburgh Scotland, they are wonderful. I think there are just 5 or so but worth it!

Mary Kastner

Thank you for the recommendations Nicole.


That's a great idea, Nicole! We've got enough reality happening & most people can use a distraction for a little while. I share your book reviews with my sister so I'm sure she'll appreciate these, too! I've enjoyed Roxanne St. Claire's The Dogfather series, Krista Davis's Paws & Claws Mysteries & Janet Evanovich's numbered Stephanie Plum series. None of them are terribly deep but the interesting characters keep them moving along. I agree with Robby H. that they're best enjoyed beginning with the first in a series. Have a peaceful week, everyone. Stay well!

Patricia Ludwiczak

Thanks so much for the recommendations! Right now I'm living on ebooks and I'm so grateful to the public library! Some of my favorite light reading are series by Cleo Coyle (Coffeshop Mysteries), Sally Goldenbaum (Seaside Knitters), Ellen Byron (Cajun Country Mysteries), Jenn McKinlay (Library Lover's Mysteries) and anything by Jenny Colgan.
I'm so happy to have some new authors to look for.


Hannah Swenson series by Joanne Fluke, Psychic Eye series by Victoria Laurie, Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries series by Isabella Allen and Aunt Dimity series by Nancy Atherton. Cozy's are the perfect entertainment while stitching.

AnnieO in SoCalif

I have never heard of cozy mysteries, very intriguing. I am way behind in current fiction, I just read Life of Pi and The Time Travelers Wife, which I found at the thrift store for a dollar each!

Kathi Kittle

I have never heard of this genre either, or at least didn't realize there was a name for it.
I'm usually more into historical fiction, but these sound like a pleasant change. Thanks for your suggestions. Will give some a try. Wondering if there are any with a quilting theme.

Sandy Carlson

Author Betty Rowlands has two series, both taking place in England. I have only read the Melissa Craig series - a mystery writer who has moved to the countryside and becomes the detective. I love hearing about new series of books to read. Thank-you to all for the suggestions!


Earlene Fowler's Benni Harper Series is excellent and so is Susan Wittig Albert's China Bayles series. Books by Marie Bostwick are good too.

Spunky Spinks

Try anything by M.C. Beaton. I especially love her Agatha Raisin series.


I've been enjoying reading the Hillary Greene series by Faith Martin which are set in the Oxfordshire area in England. I find them a pretty quick read.
Years ago, I read a series which I would describe as a cozy and light mystery, "The Cat Who …" series of books by Lillian Jackson Braun. Mysteries are solved by a journalist and his 2 Siamese cats.


I'm a little perplexed as how a story about a murder can be described as cozy.

Susan Earle

I was delighted by this post, and as I read the comments, there were a lot of favourites I’ve read and enjoyed. Can’t resist adding one more, as no one else has noted this one. The Quilting Mystery series by Mary Marks is a recent favourite. Start with Forget me Knot. I’m sure you’ll quickly come to love Martha Rose and her quilting friends as they work together to work things out!

Barbara Forde

I've got a bunch for the Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency murders but other 'mysteries' to solve.
The Maisie Dobbs books by Jacqueline Winspear
Ovidia Yu's Aunty Lee books
Mark Schweizer...lots of books centring around a small town choir
Charles Todd's Bess Crawford series
I've got more...but these seem to fit the bill if you are looking for a bit of escapism literature :)


I enjoy Quilt Mystery books; I have followed Ann Hazelwood and will continue to read others. Thank you.

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