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April 27, 2020



You always recommend the best books; thanks for the tips.

Robby H.

I have "You've Got It Made", so I'll check out the first book you recommended. I'm surprised at how some people are almost offended that to get great food out of a slow cooker you need to do something besides dump ingredients in, but it's a world of difference.

I'll also be checking out the YouTube guy, on YouTube for a preview. I've not dug in and learned much about my Instant Pot but want to. The big bonus of both of these appliances is that don't use a lot of energy or generate the same level of heat your stove and oven do. Those a big bonuses in the summer at our house, especially because I can often prep things early in the day when it's cool. Thanks for the recommendations!


I enjoy a good cookbook & recipes that do more than 'dump' ingredients together! I have a crock pot but haven't waded into Instant Pot territory yet. This staying-at-home-24/7-stuff may push me into that appliance adventure soon, though! Meanwhile, I'm making masks for my hairdresser & the others in her shop so that when they receive the okay they're ready to go. My local quilt shop helped me choose fabric on the phone that would be cute & salon-ish. They're offering curbside pick-up & made shopping without shopping easy. Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Wonderful reviews. Thank you Nicole. You have inspired me for sure. Take care and be safe.

T Holzer

I just might have to get the slow cooker cookbook!


I've been trying lots of new recipes here, too. Anything to have a bit of change...anything. ;p


I love your blog— I’m sorry i don’t comment more! It is a real treat to see everything you are doing even if it is just little things— II love the Eva updates! You should definitely sign up with Amazon for commissions— it is at no cost to your readers, and you can simply add an announcement on the sidebar to satisfy the FTC requirement! It doesn’t have to be obtrusive and you deserve to get something back for the time and love you put into this. Just sayin, as a friend— everyone is doing it and it is not hard to figure out.


Love your recommendations! Crockpots and instants are the best! Love the one pot dinners and the feeling of accomplishment after letting something sit for hours 😂

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