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April 28, 2020



You are interesting even if you don't think you are! I always enjoy reading what you are up to.

Mary Kastner

I look forward to your blog Nicole. it is not you, it is the situation we have found ourselves in. Believe me! I am so over this but still trying my best. You are some normalcy in this crazy time. Hopefully we will have some change soon. BE well and stay safe.



I know what you mean about reading taking a hit. I have found even my recorded books are not holding my attention. So many distracting thoughts these days. Thank you for writing; reading your blog holds my attention and I love what you have made so far.


Hi, Nicole -- We are still here in Glen Ellen but heading Down Under again on May 5. I'm digging through old WIPs, getting closets cleaned out during this lockdown...finding an old Lady of the Lake that I will resurrect and hope to work on when we are back in California again -- hopefully in August.

RE: finding interesting books to read, I'm making good use of Libby these days...have you tried it yet? An easier to use version of Overdrive, the digital resource for books to ready for free through the use of your local library card. I just finished The Lighthouse, by P.D. James, which was a good mystery, if you are into those. Currently reading Simon the Fiddler by Paulette Jiles, about a young Confederate fiddler at the end of the Civil War, and his efforts to make a place for himself in the new society. Jiles is a very interesting writer -- also loved her book, News of the World.

Hang in there...this, too, shall pass!



Nicole, thanks for faithfully writing something every weekday for us! Your efforts are both interesting & reliable. We need that these days no matter whether you're sharing quilts, recipes, book & product reviews or routine life! You can't focus on books--I can't even focus on a magazine!! Making masks over & over Groundhog Day style is about it for my attention span recently! Stay well!

T Holzer

Those blocks are beautiful, Nicole!

Cathy McMann

Individually, your blocks look great because your piecing is so precise. And I think they will look great together in your chosen setting but when you just plop them together they can look like a mishmash so don't let that influence your thinking. I'm reading Becoming, Michelle Obama's memoir, and liking it very much. It is easy to read in small doses if you can't concentrate on it all day.


Your blocks look great! You always make them look so perfect and effortless 😉


Your little group of blocks would make a cute wall hanging if you are tired of the process. I think they are very attractive.

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