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April 08, 2020


Susan S

Wow, I may start this sewalong too! I haven't done much with Civil War but have wanted to do so. A weekly pace works well for me. Now, to get some fabrics!

Robby H.

I like that blue, too. And yes to shopping small right now. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on "The Guest List", sounds like it could be fun.


I started the 'Stay at Home Sampler' with Temecula Quilt Company. I've sewn 96 masks and was ready for a change. Right now I think all my mind can handle are a block a day and something simple.

Mary Kastner

Your fabrics are so pretty Nicole. Nice choices. I am planning on spending the day in the sewing room today. Lots of ideas but it has been hard for me to get motivated. Have a good day and be safe!

Debbie R.

Your 296 day feeling made me smile. It's true that every day feels pretty much the same, and that it already seems like a loooong time. But we may as well get comfortable, plan and do more sewing, reading, cooking and whatever else will keep us occupied and content as we stay in place.

Love the fabrics for your upcoming sew along. That blue is great! And the tiny stars from yesterday -- love them!


It is weird....we have no idea what day it is. Our only outing is grocery shopping. Thankfully, we have a lovely neighborhood to walk in. I can't imagine how difficult this is for people who live in apartments/condos and/or live in crowded cities. Trying to get fresh air and walk must be a nightmare.

AnnieO in SoCalif

Very pretty basket full of fabric fun! I am sewing masks by the handful as fast as I can. Lots of family and friends who want them. Fortunately I can work from home due to computer wizardry but makeup and lipstick haven't had much use. The little shops are desperate to keep customers so I use them when I can.
I had ordered one article of clothing from a chain store and it took two days to get from Pennsylvania to Arizona (where it was hanging out in Winslow), then SIX days from Arizona to Southern California. Crazy!


I admire your ambition with all these quilt-alongs. They are so fun and different. One block a week is about my pace. I've worked hard the last few years to really get all my already purchased/started quilts done, and I've got them all done but one which I started about 10 years ago. Not sure I'll ever finish it. We'll see. Consequently everything I'm working on is fresh and new, and I have to say I LOVE IT. I just purchased the fabric for a new quilt for my bed this morning. I can't wait for it to get here so I can start it. I might actually make some progress on it with this enforced stay at home.

Betty meyer

I just discovered a site for you and other quilters to peruse. Its called Granny’s Legacy patterns. I think it has some fun wool kits and tutorials. I haven’t purchased from them so I cant speak to that, but I did think it was a nice site.

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