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April 22, 2020


Debra Gutenson

Wise words!, I’ve been doing yoga at home. I’m a newbie, and have found Yoga With Adrienne very doable. She has oodles of sessions on her you tube channel, for free. I started with our first full week of quarantine, and have only missed two days since. Not only do I feel stronger, it really helps my outlook and attitude.
It’s so sweet that your husband wants to exercise together. This is so tough for everyone, and I think it’s important to stay connected as best we can. Hang in there.


Well said! I've been doing walking workouts by Leslie Sansone on YouTube for the times I cannot get outside to walk.

Wendy Currie

What a great and true post Nicole!
I have reached the age where weight gain has become a bit of a battle anyways. I am not allowing junk food into the house and am continuing to cook nutritious healthy meals, along with weather permitting walks outside.

As a quilter (Piecer) and Longarm professional quilter it’s easy to be inactive all day. My fit bit is set to remind me to get 250 minimum every hour and I also have rules like going upstairs to the furthest washroom when needed and am trying to drink as much water as I can each day.

As an introvert it’s not as hard for me to stay home, though I try to make an effort to reach out and visit with friends on the phone who I know are lonely or struggling being extroverted!


I have been on a weight loss journey since last summer. I will confess that for the week around Easter that I did give up on the careful control of what I was eating.

I tried the Yoga With Adrienne that Debra suggested, but then I sprained my ankle and sitting on the floor for parts of the video was too painful so I gave up. I would like to get back to trying it.

You're right that the better weather makes it easier to get out and walk. Yesterday I went to the park with my son. There were as many people as you would normally see at a weekend, but not that many really, but still I was feeling a little anxious as we crossed paths. I wonder how long it will take for the feeling to fade in the future?

It's weird how much shorter the days seem, every time I turn around it seems like a morning or an afternoon has passed.

On the mental health front I am fine, but I am worried about my mother. She is struggling with not being able to go out. I am making an effort to try and FaceTime her most days. My older sister makes "dates" to have a glass of wine and chat with her in the evening. I hope it makes it easier for her.

Thanks for posting about ways we can deal with the situation. We are all in the same boat, even if in separate berths.


Thanks for the post. Nice to know we are all in this together even with the covid 15. Indiana takes some time to warm up, but hoping to get out in the yard and burn some calories playing in the dirt.

Robby H.

Fortunately, the first week we were on stay at home the weather was good so we started building the habit of going for a walk. Each of us. On our own. Which also means we each get an hour or so alone at home. This time and the walk have been good for both of us since we're both people that need time alone. We got about 20" of snow last week, so that plan was hijacked last week. I'm trying to transition us to eating the lighter foods of warmer weather, but it's hard to stretch the fresh produce for a whole week sometimes. My other plan has been to make a list of my lunch and "snacks" in the morning and cross them off as I eat them so I know when I've used my allowance. Good luck!


I now make a point of getting out for an hour's walk every other day since my gym is closed. When this quarantine first started, I thought to myself "Woohoo more sewing/quilting time" but I found myself spending hours sitting on the couch watching movies and mindless TV while eating popcorn (which is mostly air, right!). Sometime into the second week, I realized that regardless of the temperature outside, it was time to get walking again and spend less screen time. I find it's good for the body and mind. And this week, my husband and I have started a new routine of going for a walk in the evenings which has been really nice. Stay safe.

Patty Fowl

The weather has been beautiful in Arizona so we have been doing all kinds of home chores... washing windows, pulling weeds, washing cars, cleaning patio furniture. We have 2 little pups so we also have been out walking with them. My Pilates instructors has been conducting virtual Pilates sessions 3 times a week so it has been a huge boost plus we get to see each other. Additionally I remind myself to wear jeans every few days. Jeans and my scale seem to be the truth teller if I have gained weight or my weight has shifted. I was baking earlier in quarantine but have slacked off a bit...since it is only my husband and I, I don’t typically bake more than cookies ( I freeze half/ two-thirds of the dough) or an 8x8 pan of brownies. But, I still have managed to do a LOT of quilting also.

Mary Kastner

I am walking everyday. STill wearing my Fitbit and working to get 10000 steps a day. That is a goal not always what happens. I find my mental status going more up and down the longer this lasts. I miss my granddaughters. Who would have thought Nicole? be well and be safe. We will make it!



Well, I wish I were losing weight, but I’m not. I’ve stayed neutral—although I should try to lose! I do Marco Polo with my daughters And sisters and with my quilt group. It’s more fun than texting even though it’s not always a direct back and forth. It’s so great to have the visor and hear their voices.


Our weather has warmed up for the past couple of days, but rain is coming by the end of the week. I've been keeping busy making masks & working on fiber arts group challenges with quilt block piecing now & then. Plenty of excitement yesterday when the neighbors were cleaning/burning irrigation ditches in 25 mph winds & let the fire get out of control. They burned about 15 acres of OUR hayfield by the time the fire department got here! So, I spent an hour handing out bottles of water & Gatorade to the firefighters as they drove out. Now THAT was some aerobic exercise I wasn't expecting to do! Otherwise, it's leggings & t-shirts all day, every day around here for me! Stay well!


I started eating a keto diet at the beginning of Feb. the stay at home started to throw me off but I had to be conscious of not indulging in comfort foods I love like pasta and bread. After a couple of weeks on the diet, my appetite decreased. I am comfortably eating 1200 calories a day. I plan my meals so I know what I want to eat to stay on track and log everything into My Fitness Pal. I eat less than 30 net carbs per day. Keeping track is the key. For me. I’m now down 17 lb and feeling much more energized. Haven’t done much exercise but with the weather improving, will be walking.


amazingly enough, we haven't gained any weight. can't explain it. we did buy a treadmill after 2 weeks of no gym. it's on our patio and we both use it. I do miss the gym. can't explain that either.

enjoy your walks....we do. it is relaxing to get out in the neighborhood and wave hello from a distance. ;p

AnnieO in SoCalif

Great advice! Luckily I have not gained weight as I had started intermittent fasting in early January and have been able to stick to that plan (I break my fast at noon and stop calories at 8 pm). Exercise is the hardest part always but taking a walk sure sounds nice.


We call it the Covid19 pounds! You have some good ideas, good luck!

T Holzer

Great post, Nicole.

Leota Krantz

Thanks so much for the encouragement. I needed it. Take care.

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