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April 07, 2020


Wendy Currie

Good morning Nicole!
I love making tiny blocks and have a set of bloc loc 1/2 sq triangle rulers...flying geese are another favourite of mine. I might deserve a present when I finish mask making!
I haven’t watched that series on Netflix and I might not...trying to stick to light hearted shows that make me laugh...
Yesterday was grocery day ...that was exhausting. Today I can just sew!
Have a good day!!

Lynn C. (NJ)

Your comments about the Tiger King series made me laugh out loud. And, no, I'm not doing much better about getting things done at this time either.
Thanks for the great post.

Jody Randall

I too laughed out loud. May have to check this out. I think we all have our guilty pleasure watches while in our sewing rooms! I watch Y&R on demand....

Kimberly Clark

What pattern are you using for the stars?


I had 'Grumpy Old Men' & 'Grumpier Old Men' on in my sewing room this weekend while making masks. They always deliver & make me laugh although I've seen them enough times to know most of the dialog! No news is my rule, so old movies it is! I've read about Tiger King but haven't watched it...yet. Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Those stars are perfect and adorable. Great job! My spirit is downthis morning so I am making a list for the day to keep me focused. Turning off the news needs to be added or at least limit it! Take care Nicole and be safe.



Oh boy, the more I see it, the more I love it. Thanks for your reassuring email, I may just have to leap in and start this one.


those tiny stars are SO TINY! lol @ closing the blinds. I'm escaping with the very gentle Foyle's War. ;p

Dark times. We have to grocery shop today. The grocery stores still can't catch up from the hoarding that has gone on. :( Stay safe.

Christine Cole

We watched Tiger King last week. If you could have seen us watching you would have seen 2 people with their mouths hanging open in shock and amazement that what we were watching was REAL!

Then yesterday a friend of mine posted a meme that said ," If you managed to make it all the way through The Tiger King documentary....You might be entitled to compensation." I asked if that included Brain Bleach.

Anyhow, thank you for your daily posts. I look forward to each and every one. Stay safe and well!

Jennifer in Indy

I haven’t succumbed to Tiger King yet, just finished 4-episode Unorthodox- very, very interesting show about a young woman living in a Hasidic community.


Your descriptions always crack me up! I feel that way when I watch some shows sometimes and really want to see what all the buzz is about Tiger King so I guess it's going to the top of my list 👍🏼

Lisa Vancor

Well, your comments were right on about the Tiger King, I just opened my current New yorker and they
really do a similar review. Trash is not my thing but I have to say, I am tempted. NO, NO.

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