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April 03, 2020



Your fabric photo makes me wish I could reach out and touch it! What a beautiful bundle for your next quilt! Stay safe ❤

Carole Moore

Civil War fabric. I love it. Your selections are beautiful. I can't wait to see your project!

Robby H.

Pssst! Think of the geometry in terms of quilting. I think having every day feel pretty much the same makes it harder for things to feel fresh and interesting. Maybe you just needed the "weekend" to arrive at a different time this week.

Stephani in N. TX

Beautiful CW fabric, inspired me to finally order a backing from FQS. Wonder how long I will need to wait to take it to my LAQ. Is Eva ready for some math via quilting? Or do you have to stick with the program? Imagine if she could figure out what size to cut the outer triangles when you place a quilt on point? Or figure how much fabric to buy to make a backing? Draw it up on graph paper? I was so inspired by your chocolate cake that I baked a lemon pound cake with blueberries in the batter. Total failure, too wet from the blueberries. Not only did I not have a cake at the end, the 6 eggs, almost last of the flour, and a bunch of my sugar just went straight to trash pickup this morning. Wish I had kept the berries to put on top of the cake. Oh, well, will try another something today. My GF flour I had to order because no store has flour, and I have just another week to go before it gets here.

T Holzer

Gorgeous fabrics, Nicole!


Your fabrics are beautiful & inviting! Recently, I've seen several ads on tv & online about allowing yourselves to take a break from home schooling if things aren't working that day. I'd go with Scarlet O'Hara's philosophy..."Tomorrow is another day."
I have a tried & true recipe for a Blueberry Muffin Cake with lemon glaze that I'll email you to share with Stephani. I baked one yesterday & it takes less than 2 1/2 Cups of flour. Have a good weekend & happy sewing!


She is so lucky to have you! Hey, if you both are bored about learning about the arctic tundra, try watching a fun documentary about it. there are so many amazing ones out there about arctic wolves and other creatures surviving there. it could lead you to watch the penguins in Antarctica?


Are your background fabrics on the lighter side or more medium? Beautiful colors!

Anita R

Beautiful fabric pull! Not sure if you watch mystery science but there's lots of great videos and projects to do with kids with stuff you have on hand. This has been a difficult year teaching for sure! Good luck 😃

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