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April 09, 2020



I'm right there with you on the Blockheads block. Not my cup-o-tea either.


You always have such a fun spin on things; this time it was about growing older and that it's the pits. It certainly can be humorous at times to see the changes I'm going through. Hang in there.

Mary Kastner

THose blocks will make a really cute quilt. I started two new easyquilts yesterday. It felt good to just be absorbed in my project and not the real world. Believe me I do some crazy things too these days. I blame the news! it couldn't possible be my age!



I haven't been doing the Blockheads challenge at all but was so intrigued by this week's block that I am going to give it a go!

I feel like I have lost more things since I have been quarantined than in my entire life. Seems ridiculous since I am only in a few rooms. How can I lose things? Yet I have and haven't always found them. None of us are operating at full capacity I don't think


lol @ google search brings you back to your own blog....oh, well. at least you figured it all out. ;p


I happened to see the Blockheads block on Minnick & Simpson yesterday. I thought to myself that it looks pretty fiddly! I'm seeing the end of my 25 masks for local Homeland Security so it's back to 'regular' quilt sewing! Enjoy your almost-a-mystery one block sew along! Stay well!


I'm replacing week #13 with a block from MBH#1 called Peace & Plenty, which has a similar look. Glad you figured out your project! LOL

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