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May 18, 2020



I traveled home from my sister's in Florida as the quarantine was being put in place but it was nothing like Dianne's journey! I read her Day One & will continue to catch up on the days that followed. A 5-Star hotel sounds lovely except when you're wanting to be home sweet home in your own bed! Nice to know the expense was covered by the government, but still... Stay well!


Thank you for sharing the link. Although I would not like the confinement, the idea that the government is taking care of its citizens is very appealing. We are still staying at home in my part of Maryland and watching the numbers continue to rise.
Stay well Nicole.

Mary Jo

Hawaii is also requiring a 14 day quarantine in a hotel if you visit there. I saw in the news today that a visitor from New York posted pictures on the beach in Hawaii before the quarantine was over and he got arrested.

Diane Bucknill

Thanks for sharing Dianne’s journal. It was a very interesting prospective in quarantine in a hotel.


Can't wait for the brownie recipe!!


Thanks for sharing my Quarantine Journal, Nicole! Today is our final day in quarantine, and we will have our nurses' evaluation today before we are allowed to depart tomorrow. If the nurse who does our evaluation is the same nurse who did our second swab, I'll be VERY tempted to give him a good kick in the shins! (Just kidding...sort of!)

Stay safe and healthy. Best to you and your readers who commented above...and I'll be watching for that brownie recipe, too.

Look forward to maybe having an in-person cup of coffee or glass of wine next time we're in California (whenever THAT is allowed).

Joan Irons

Thanks for sharing the link to Dianne's quarantine story. Reading it made my day go by a little faster.

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