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May 08, 2020



Love your quilt and perfect for this time of year! Boy, do I remember those beautiful shoes that Ozzie had fun with and those heals were just a "hoot" ...puppies will be puppies and look at him today....such a perfect big boy now! Happy Mothers Day Nicole!

T Holzer

I remember your shoe vs Ozzie posts!! lol. And I would come sit on your porch and bind every single one of your quilts! I love to hand stitch bindings!! Have a great weekend, Nicole...binding.


I seem to remember that Ozzie had a companion who was a bit of a problem and who went to live somewhere else. When I began following your blog, there were two and they did not always get along.
Ozzie looks great!

Mary Kastner

Ozzie is too cute. Your quilt is really pretty. I don't know if you do this but I take my unattached binding and lay the quilt on the floor and just kind of wrap the unsewed binding around it - nothing too exact mind you! but you can see in advance where those seams are going to land. Works for me! Have a nice Mother's Day weekend. I am so over this.


Stephani in N. TX

Ozzie is looking as handsome as can be. Glad he pretty much got over that puppy chewing stage for the most part. Several pups we had were chewers, one chewed the fabric of one of a pair of matching royal blue silk fabric chairs such that it was dust. And I was thanking the stars it wasn't the couches. I'm with you on binding. I send my quilts to a lovely LAQ and I get the binding stitched all around as soon as they come home. And there they sit. I have promised to do better with this staying-home thing. When it's over I would have achieved a really big chore. Instead, I'm thinking of new ways to roll out quilts that use up more of the vast fabric leftovers and a few new purchases. Motivation is stuck in neutral without my quilting posse.

Linda Kay Smith

That quilt is really cute and has a real summer feel. I have not had my binding seam be right where it shouldn't be - yet... Good thing you have some binding to spare.

I'm getting ready to cross-hatch quilt my latest little table topper this weekend. This time I'm going to make the lines closer than I usually do. It's fun to experiment a little. Have a good weekend.


13 years! Oh my, how quickly those years passed. I seem to remember a pair of red shoes that Ozzie was attracted to. Oops. Your patience with him paid off. He grew up into a fine, handsome pal. And thank you for being such a faithful blogger. I always look forward to reading what is happening in your life.


I always enjoyed a good Ozzie-does-it-again story...then we got the littermate sisters who will be 3 later this month. Ozzie was an angel compared to what these two have chewed, eaten, destroyed & ruined. I hesitate to say out loud that they're finally settling down but Ozzie does give me hope that it's possible! As for the binding, I do as Mary says & audition the unattached strip around the perimeter of the quilt to make sure no seams fall at the corners. It does save a lot of frustration once the work begins. Have a nice weekend doing what makes you happy! Stay well!


I am one of the “audition binders”. The minutes of crawling around on the floor are so worth it.
I’m looking for someone that loves getting the backing chosen and sized for the finished top. I’d do their binding for them!

Nancy Watkins

Love your quilt! I hate sewing on bindings also and do not know why as it certainly is not hard. I really, really enjoyed Ozzie stories back in the day. Still think he is a cute one! Now I think I will go read Ozzie stories again.....

Jean Thut

I remember opening up your blog years ago and if the first thing I would see was a picture of Ozzie. I would think,”what has he done now?” Other than my two dogs and my son’s two dogs, Ozzie is my favorite!❤️❤️


I have SEVEN quilts that need binding...SEVEN. I love doing binding but my hands just can't take it anymore. It really makes my hands hurt so if I'm going to sew binding I can't do any other sewing. During this pandemic I want to be sewing a lot. So, SEVEN quilts sit in a pile waiting for binding. ;p

Our old girl turned 13 last month. Time really flies quickly. Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.

Annie O

I would love to sit on your porch and sew binding with you! I only hand sew binding on little quilts—the big ones are machine done! Seam in the corner is the worst. I’ve had quilts go in timeout for awhile when that happens! Ozzie’s aging but looks mischievous still.


Happy Mother's Day! Yes, you're supposed to check if your binding has a seam on the corner before sewing it down-- who does? LOL I would definitely come sit and do your hand sewing-- just for the porch-- it looks glorious.


Also a binding 'auditioner'. Nothing worse than having all the seams meet at a corner. Auditioning saves all sorts of aggravation!

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