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May 14, 2020



It sure is a different world. Hard to adapt


I need to confess i frequently enlarge the pics you post and admire your impeccable piecing. Always so well done!


I like the gold & especially the print in last week's remade block. Your Subway story makes me could the poor woman be so oblivious to the line AND how does she navigate the new normal each day? She must have been so embarrassed. A picnic on the porch sounds perfect! Stay well!

Michele Klein

I like your choice in replacing the orange. I have a lot of Kansas Troubles also. I can count on one hand the number of quilts I have used orange and. they were mostly kids quilts.
I work at a local quilt shop and we are allowing only 3 customers in at a time and that is by appointment. It is definitely a different way to shop. I went to the store the other day and was excited to get paper towels, toilet paper, liquid hand soap refill and hand sanitizer! Felt like I won the lottery!

Mary Kastner

Your blocks are very pretty. I find myself drawn to handwork these days. Not sure why. I guess it is comforting me for some reason. I need to get back to my sewing machine! Have a good day!



My comment today is more in response to your other commenters. During these trying times, we need to give each other a bit of slack. For instance, I am an older senior citizen who has not been out for 2 months. I'm sure I will feel like the deer in the headlights when I do go out again, not knowing how to navigate the new shopping systems. I hope the other shoppers will meet me with kindness and consideration.


I really love that gold! Excellent choice. It is gonna be a beautiful quilt. Yes, everything has changed.

I can't imagine how they are going to keep kids 6 ft apart from each other at school. No playing together? No hugging their friends? The teachers won't be able to squat down next to a desk to help a student? It is all just awful. :(


Love your block progress! They have two different pieces blocks instead of the applique one, a cute tulip one from Joanna and someone else. You may want to do those instead of the applique one.

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