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May 07, 2020



What a wonderful idea! And how thoughtful of Eva to think of leaving one for the little girl. It will certainly bring a smile to her face.
Your quilt blocks are looking good together.

Robby H.

I had noticed online that these were becoming popular, but didn't really know much about it. I haven't seen them in our neighborhood, but we live in an older area so perhaps there aren't many kids or many people venturing out. Can't wait to see what you and Eva create.


That's a wonderful project for the two of you! The idea to leave a rock for the little girl to discover tells me that Eva is modeling behavior she's observed in her own family. That should make your day...week...year!
Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Your new block is so pretty. Love your fabric choices. The rock trend is so fun. Eva will get a lot of joy from this project and so will other people wherever they land. I have seen some around our neighborhood in the Creek. So fun! Have a great day!

Stephani in N. TX

Your red "blockhead" block is beautiful. Love gorgeous floral fabric, one thing that's harder to find on-line than in shops. You know that one you see that just says pick me and you make a whole quilt around it. The rock idea is catching on, hopefully tolerance and kindness as well. So hard for kiddos to understand everyone can't come out to play.Eva is so thoughtful. Have a great day. We have the Spring weather I love in TX, it never lasts long enough though.

Kathleen Gentile

"Grays Harbor Rocks!" have been found for several years up here now. From grocery market shelves to sidewalk shrubbery, they are everywhere. People are encouraged to take them from one place and leave them in another. So happy to see your was a reminder that hubby and I once thought this a fun project to try. Now we will!


really a fun idea! your blocks are will be a beautiful quilt when finished. I feel so badly about that lonely little girl. this is such a hardship for kids everywhere. :(


Your blocks are fabulous. I love the use of the toile. The painted rocks are sweet. I saw a ladybug left at the beach, took my friend to that spot later that day but it was gone. :(


What a lovely way to spread joy! Love Eva's idea too. Your blocks are very pretty and the end result should be stunning!

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