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May 20, 2020



Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing; I love when you share a good recipe, good read, quilt tools, yadda yadda. Always fun to see what's posted here.

Stephani in N. TX

Mary, above, is right. Your blog has kept me interested for years, coming back for what you're sewing, quilting, cooking, or reading. The brownies above look super. Hope I can get some good CA or WA cherries while they are in season, and that I don't eat them all before I add them to my brownies. Thanks so much. Yum!

Alice R.

This looks amazing! Something wonderful to share when I get to see my quilty friends again. Thank you.

Mary Kastner

Those look so good! Thank you for sharing. I am definitely going to get this one cooking soon!



Oh, my gosh! Those are definitely my kind of brownies! I was hoping you'd post the recipe because when I serve brownies to guests I like to offer a scoop--or three--of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream on the side! No ice cream needed with your's! I'm making these!! Stay well!


gatherings in our house again? ;p travel again? ;p things are not looking good. are you going to go to Ireland in September? I saw on the news that airport travel is starting to pick-up. So many decisions lie ahead for all of us. :(

anywho, the brownies look wonderful. I'm still on my cookie baking kick. ;p


Oh, I've got to try this. I think I even have all the ingredients 🍒


Omg! That looks so good! You crack me up! I can hear my husband in the background saying "save some topping for the brownies" 😂 Now I see why the Covid 15 exists 😩


Last weekend I made the Cherry Garcia Brownies and oh man are they good! Grandkids and kids enjoyed them as well. I am very so glad the pan is empty since every time I walked by I was taking a small piece. Thank you for the recipe.

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