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May 22, 2020



The mini petunias are annuals in my area and are sold in all our nurseries this time of year. They are enjoying three different spots in my flower box. I have many hostas. They do really well in our area because they need a period of dormancy which Minnesota can definitely provide. I also enjoy pot gardens. Succulents are popular in my area and can be successfully wintered indoors and be enjoyed throughout our long white winters.


These are such happy pots of colour. They would certainly brighten up any garden. I'd not heard of them before. Here in Australia, we get lots of sunshine, so probably a very similar climate to yours. I love having pansies, violas and African daisies in the garden. They're quite hardy and don't need too much attention to flower for long periods of time. Enjoy your visit with your dad :)

Mary Ann

We discovered Calibrachoa last year when my daughter planted these beauties at her home. Our favorite flower to plant. Look beautiful in hanging baskets and rail planters on the deck.


I bet the hummingbirds love your yard too. Just lovely. My yard and patio are more on the shady side so I can't do justice to those sun lovers. I have learned what works and always try to add an annual that I haven't tried before just to experiment. Nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying nature....well, maybe a new pair of shoes and those leopard print sandals are definitely the bomb! Have a great wknd.

Carol in Texas

Here in central Texas I have alkaline soil and alkaline water! I love pictures of hostas, but they do not grow in our heat. Salvias and lantana.....deer leave them alone and they grow in our high temps. I am going to try the caliabrachoa you talk about. My Walmart....the nursery for me as we are living outside a small town....does have it. I have walked past it till now. Thanks for the recommendation! Carol in Texas

Mary Kastner

HAve a nice holiday weekend and enjoy your visit with your Dad. You are so,lucky to still have him. Enjoy. My garden is not as colorful as I like it this year. I haven't been to a nursery at all. My daughter is doing my grocery shopping. I do take a walk every day at a park near me but that's about it. Crazy times and I am so over it!

Deb E

Lovely plants! We have hostas here in Placerville, CA (elevation 1955), but those are planted under trees and more shady areas near the house. Deb


Ozzie seems to be quite comfy on your porch furniture! Cute leopard sandals--I was hoping you'd show us what you ordered! Your flowers are beautiful! In NW Wyoming we put out annuals closer to June (it was 31 degrees last night) so we're just now seeing them in stores & nurseries. Pansies, petunias, alyssum, marigolds, snapdragons...lots of color whatever you choose! We have to surround the planters with wire or fencing because deer are everywhere & will pull out whatever they can reach.


Have a wonderful visit with your father!

Julie in WA

Every summer I get a basket with calibrocha and hang it in the sunniest place, but I guess the sunshine in the Seattle area is not enough to produce as many blooms as you have! Beautiful! Then again, the hostas and the giant calla lilies are bountiful on the side of my house!


I live just outside Vancouver Canada. No a hot climate by any stretch of the imagination. :) I discovered these little beauties a few years ago. And I absolutely love them, especially the pumpkin coloured ones. We call them Million bells and they grow like crazy.


Love your plants and especially your shoes 😍

Linda Kay Smith

Your plants are so cheerful. We use them here where we live, in central Washington state (zone 5/6) as annuals. They work really well in containers with other plants and do bloom all summer. We use a lot of geraniums, petunias, trailing verbena, euphorbia Diamond Frost, and trailers like sweet potato vines. In the fall, I love to use ornamental kale or cabbage in containers and add some pansies or violas that blend well, usually purplesand oranges, and top off with a few miniature pumpkins like Jack Be Little or Baby Boo. They look so nice and last until a hard frost.

Sorry you can't grow hostas where you live. They are in my top 10 favorites where we live. I plant mine on the north side of the house, in the shade and they thrive. And they play nicely with bleeding hearts, columbines, coral bells, lily of the valley, violets, and lady's mantle.

Thanks for sharing you beautiful containers.

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