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May 12, 2020



A beautiful tribute to someone you remember with such fond memories. It sounds like he was an exceptional person.


What a touching story. I have tears in my eyes. Happy Birthday. Sara. (She types thru blurry vision).

Robby H.

A beautiful and meaningful tale in many respects. There are people who lead and teach us just by being present in our lives. What a joy to know even one of them.


He came into your life at an important time for you, and he made a difference. Lovely memories for you.

Stephani in N. TX

How fortunate to have such an exceptional person in your life. A good reminder to recall for all of us, that person who afforded us their wisdom, their way, their guidance, perhaps their peace. And Happy Birthday to Sara. I like to recall that my children's birth dates were also BIG for me, never wanting to forget how this precious bundle came and exploded my life, my self in such a positive way.

Mary Kastner

What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing this story with us and Happy Birthday to your daughter. I have a Sara too and she has a May Birthday a little later this month. Enjoy the day!


T Holzer

Beautiful post, Nicole.


So wonderful. I took two classes in college from Hartman Lomawaima’s wife, Dr. Tsianina Lomawaima, and remember her as a beautiful, joy-filled woman who taught me a lot about the ongoing relationship between the USA and Native Americans. Thanks for sharing this memory! It gave me a happy feeling
Long time quilt blog reader, first time commenter 💖


Thank you for sharing your friend & mentor's story. How lucky you are to have known him. What a wonderful beginning for your life as Sara's mother, too. Birthday wishes to her & to you! Stay well!

Jean Thut

If only we could all make such an impact on other people’s lives. What a gift he gave you.

Darlynn Venne

beautiful. i hope his family sees this.



Mona K

Beautiful. We should all be grateful for the angels that pass through our lives and touch us with their kindness and empathy. cherish this memory.

Jackie Hicks

Lovely story and memory!

Debbie R.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and this amazing person.

Penny Holliday

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute & lovely memory from the birth of your daughter ~ birthday wishes to both of you!

Joan S

What an awesome post, Nicole! And happy birthday, Sara! Our oldest son was 40 last month.


Thank you for sharing this inspiring story. Happy birthday to your daughter


Thank you for such an inspiring post! The picture of the bracelet reminds me that we can take inspiration from everything for quilt blocks/motifs...what a beautiful block that would be!



Jennifer in Indy

What a wonderful tribute to an inspiring man and what a lovely way to remember your daughter’s birthday

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