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May 13, 2020



I think your new quilt blocks look wonderful, particularly “Sparkler”! It is stunning! I don’t think I’ve seen that block before but I love it (particularly in that 6” size!). Give yourself a pat on the back for that one!


It looks similar to a Carpenter's Wheel also known as Dutch Rose, Double Star, Star of Bethlehem.

Cathy McMann

Sparkler sure sparkles, I love that block and can imagine a whole quilt of sparkle blocks. Alas, my to-make list is so long.

T Holzer

Oh but Sparkler was worth your effort...she's gorgeous!

Mary Kastner

Your blocks look great to me! Lots of work!


My "go to" place for blocks is Quilters Cache.

Stephani in N. TX

Your Sparkler block looks like one I recall from Bonnie and Camille. offered as a free whole quilt of those blocks. Alas, after moving, it's among things I can't lay my hands on just now. I have another Judy Hopkins book, Around the Block, which has 200 rotary cut blocks in 6 sizes. This was the book for my first quilt class, teacher required, and we made 6 blocks from it. So many patterns I buy, I cannot follow all the steps, and sometimes the fabric cutting details are on some other page and I flip around till I'm too distracted. Despite that, I'm easily on to 200 quilts. Not sure someone should stop me, especially during stay-at-home time.


'Doozie' is still in my vocabulary! I also use 'just peachy' & 'dandy', but those are usually in response to 'how are you doing?' which right now is questionable! I didn't look for your pucker but I'm pretty sure your long arm quilter will disappear that when she works her magic on the quilt! Your windmills look perfect! Stay well!


I love 501 Rotary Quilt Blocks! It helped teach me how to piece! It is excellent and now that I know it isn't available, I will guard it with my life.

Stephani in N. TX

Lo and behold, I found what I was thinking of, a Thimble Blossom - Camille pattern. The name of it is Fireworks, and sadly it was not free, and it's not small. It makes a 16-inch block, but it is a whole quilt of these blocks. Maybe you can find it on her blog or Instagram. Apparently I bought this and printed it off in 2013. Still love it, but alas, I have not stitched it yet.

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