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May 25, 2020


Stephani in N. TX

Amen. We are being reminded of service and sacrifice every day recently. The cost of battle is mighty high.

Kellie from Indiana

I just finished a couple weeks of binge reading your blog! I had read/lurked back in the first couple of years but had to stop reading yours as well as all US blogs because we were hit with the recession and lost our home and money was non-existent and most blogs I would read would make me want to buy stuff. So I switched to French blogs. Two years ago I was hit with hyperthyroid and so began my going on two year thyroid nightmare. No one knew what was wrong. Radiation. Still nothing going right. No one knows why the medication is causing such horrible side effects. No one knows why the nerves in my head burn or vibrate horribly when I stand or sot up. I can't sit at my sewing machine. I can't eat foods I want to eat. Can't go for rides with my husband like we used to. Things have slowly started to turn around. Im still very weak and my levels still aren't evened out and I can walk for short periods and sit up every now and then but now with the virus hitt in ng the US I am soo extremely high risk. Anyway I needed to reconnect with my American quilter sisters and started reading our blogs again to see what's actually going on in the US's quilt world and here I am. I have also enjoyed your book reviews and ordered a few. I hand piece every now and then and my second sewing machine was brought out on the dining room table since going upstairs to my sewing room doesn't work for me right now. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for taking the time to write. I always admired your blog and quilts and glad to get back into reading it again. I hope you enjoy Memorial Day with your father.


This Memorial Day it's especially important to pay respects to all of the men & women who are putting their lives on the line. Thank you to those in the military, first responders, health care providers, police, firefighters, truckers, food store employees & so many more. As I've heard so often in recent months, we really are in this together. 🇺🇸 Stay well.

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