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May 29, 2020



I love succulents, They really are easy too. Most of my friends make the mistake of not watering. In the growing season, they do need watering weekly. I also have just clopped the top off any that are too large and poked that into the soil. Amazingly, they root. It is fun to watch them grow but its not fast. There are so many kinds too enjoy.

Robby H.

I recognize a couple of those from the house where we grew up. My parents lived in CA as newlyweds and Mom brought a couple of plants with them when they relocated. They did well with limited care since Mom was putting most of that "care" into us kids. Enjoy!

Mary Kastner

I have a few succulents. I really like them. They are easy to grow IMHO. They do like some shade as well as sun. YOu can root them in water as well as soil. I like that fuzzy one! Enjoy! Have a nice weekend.

Pam O

How fun! You are a lucky aunt to be the recipient of such a priceless collection.

Julie D.

You will love the succulents. They are really easy to grow and can become addicting. I have quite a few planters that I started just as you have. They grow easily indoors as well as out. Requires little care other than watering every 1-2 weeks.


Those are going to be gorgeous for years to come! It looks like you have many readers who know what to do to keep them healthy & growing! Be sure to give us progress photos! Have a good weekend & stay well!

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