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May 26, 2020



I feel the same way as you do about quilts on the porch. The one I've used for about three years is very faded. It's not one of the quilts I'd love to pass down, but it's good enough for the sunlight and the cuteness of the porch.

I read once where Jinny Beyer said never to expose quilts to sunlight - keep the shades drawn in the rooms they are displayed in. I feel differently. My quilts are fun to make and use. Why make a quilt if it can't be enjoyed.

Jody Randall

I made a Debbie Mumm Uncle Sam door banner when I first started quilting. Last year and then again this year I've hung on the outside of my front door. The door is recessed so doesn't get direct sunlight, but then again at this point I don't care as I made it to have fun with it.

Mary Kastner

I am glad you got to see your Dad over the weekend. IT is so hot here in the Creek. I started to make a new quilt for a new baby boy arriving in our family soon. I decided to do hexagons in blue, beige and yellow. Needless to say I have nothing but time on my hands these days. UGH!



Your long weekend was productive & fun! I'm guessing your dad was so happy to have you visit for a couple of days & fix a great meal--probably some leftovers, too? I haven't used quilts outdoors because our deck isn't covered for at least a little protection. I do agree with other commenters that quilts are made to be used! Stay well!


I don't use my quilts outside and try to keep them out of direct sunlight. But one is on our bed most often and I recently noticed that one fabric in it has faded very noticeably, but just the one. Weird, huh?

So glad you could see your dad. I would really like to see my mom but she is in Michigan and we are in NJ, both states still quite restricted, so I don't think I will be able to do it soon.

Christine H Hancock

Beautiful quilts. Its not usual to have them on show here where I live in UK perhaps I should start a trend?


So glad you had a good visit with your dad. Does someone live with him? If I recall correctly, a nephew was living with him but that was several years ago?

Linda Kay Smith

Thanks for sharing your cute patriotic table runners / toppers. Also, thanks for the link to the soup - definitely want to try that one.

I've never used a quilt in my entryway (no porch) but I love the idea of using doing that, especially in the summer and early fall.


I am so glad you got to visit your dad. I lost my 94 yo dad a little over a year ago. He is missed so much everyday. These folks so elderly are really champions in my book. Amazing people that lead amazing lives. Bless you and your dad.

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