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May 28, 2020


Susan Salo

I've been watching your progress on these blocks. 6"! What a challenge. At that size I doubt your points will be noticed!
Alas, I don't yet have a hairdresser, so my ugly long hair continues to grow.


I think your block will be fine. Once it is put together and quilted, no one but you will notice those points.

Robby H.

I got a haircut a week ago. It felt really safe for both of us. I did ask her to skip washing my hair to limit my exposure, and she was fine with that. The weather is nice, so the door was open, I texted her when I arrived and she texted me back when she was ready for me to come in. People were spaced appropriately and conscious of others. I wore a mask that had ear loops and then just slipped the loop off each side when she was working there to get everything done well. Hope you have a good experience and enjoy that sassy new haircut!

Mary Kastner

No haircuts here yet and I certainly need a cut. Lucky for you! Your blocks look great. It sounds like it will be a bit cooler here today. The heat has been brutal the past two days. Have a good day. Stay well and safe.


I understand your frustration with those small blocks not turning out as you expect. But I also think the quilting will make them 'disappear'! Hurray for the hairdresser being able to open! 🎉🎉 I'm pretty sure she's missed her clients as much as they missed her! Stay well!


I feel the same way....I worry about the economic devastation so many people are facing. :( It is going to get worse before it gets better. So much of this was avoidable. Elections have consequences and we all pay the price. :(


I know what you mean about those points that don't quite make difficult when you're working with really tiny units. As Ross says, "will someone riding by on a galloping horse be able to tell?" Well, no, so all is good!

So jealous about your visit to the hairdresser. I still need to check out whether mine is open here in the Southern Highlands of's getting pretty dire! I began wearing my hair longer over the last year, so now I'm really two-toned: greying dark brown near my head, and fading mid-golden-brown in long swaths for the rest. Not sure WHAT to do: cut the whole mess off an inch long all over and go super spikey for a year, or just cave in and have it all dyed a new color...sigh! We'll need to see a pic of what you decided to do, ok?!!

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