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May 11, 2020


Jan Altomare

We have those same chairs and table in gray. Love sitting in them and enjoying the outdoors. Hope you enjoy yours too.


Your porch looks so inviting! Those new rocking chairs look like a great addition.

Audrey Bretz

Oh my! I have serious porch envy. I've always wanted a large porch, our front porch is narrow and only holds two chairs and a side table. I have a back deck but it is uncovered so only usable in really nice weather. I ordered your book recommendation for my kindle. Thanks for the suggestion, I usually like what you read.


I always love a good pioneer story; I simply can't imagine what it must have been like for the women. A tough bunch for sure! I'm currently reading Westering Women by Sandra Dalls. She is always a good writer.

Mary Kastner

Your porch setup is lovely. It looks very cozy and comfortable. Enjoy your time outside!

Jean Thut

Have you read Follow the River by James Alexander Thom? I read it years ago but is one of my all time favorite historical books

Cathy McMann

That looks like the perfect spot for reading, all you need is your beverage of choice (can Ozzie bring it to you?)!


Your new rocking chairs are beautiful. Ozzie looks like he wants to hop in your lap to rock with you while you read! Your porch is lovely & it's easy to see why you enjoy it so much! Stay well!

Debbie R.

You do have the most wonderful porch!


yay for rocking chairs! I covet your beautiful front porch. I think about the people stuck in apartments/condos and hard that must be. can you imagine having kids stuck inside like that? no yard to run around in? it is rough and it is going to get worse before things get better. :(


Loved seeing your porch, Nicole...reminds me of the one we had in Pioneer, which ran all the way around the house.

Definitely going to get Where the Heart Wanders for my iPad...I spent my grammar school years in Eastern Oregon, very near the Oregon Trail. Love historical fiction!


I covet your beautiful porch! It looks so inviting! Hope you enjoy your new rockers. And, thanks for sharing your take on "Where the Lost Wander" - sounds like the kind of book I enjoy reading. HUGS... and stitches


Lovely big porch! i would be out there on a showery day like today. My dream is to buy a porch with a house.

sharon tucker

What an amazing porch!!! Have you read any Jane Kirkpatrick novels. She is from OR and writes historical fiction. I LOVE her writing. She has several series.

Michele Klein

Love your porch! I don't think I'd ever leave it!

Jennifer in Indy

Your front porch looks so amazing! I’d love to have one, but here in Central Indiana, we wouldn’t get as much time on it. Thanks for the book rec, adding it to my list, which keeps getting longer and longer!


Thanks so much for the book recommendation! I just finished Where the Lost Wander tonight and have so enjoyed reading it over the last few days. It’s been a great distraction from zooming and schoolwork!

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