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May 15, 2020



I used to bake a lot of bread when my daughters were at home. I rarely bake yeast bread now as I'm careful about eating the carbs. Even if you use a machine to bake bread, I'm glad that you and others still bake. It's a tradition that needs to keep going. It's so easy to pick up baked goods at the grocery, but never as good as baking things at home. I miss baking!

Debbie R.

Looks delicious! And the smell of bread baking — heavenly.

Mary Kastner

Looks wonderful and I can just imagine the wonderful smells. I haven't baked bread for a long time. I never have had a machine. This would give me something new to do! Yum!



I used to bake bread from scratch when my sons were young. Like you, doing the whole shebang! It would take time, but I thought of it as "teaching a life skill" for them and it was always so yummy to have warm bread with butter. But like making my own pickles, these tasks have fallen off my schedule.


I don't think I've ever baked bread. But I do bake cornbread in an iron skillet & various breakfast muffins from scratch. Adding to your old fashioned words of the about 'shenanigans'? I've heard that used a few times recently! It's right up there with 'tickled pink' & 'the whole shebang' in my book! We need to keep those words & phrases alive!! Stay well!


I don't bake bread BUT I buy a loaf of sour dough bread at Whole Foods every Tuesday and that is heaven. I LOVE sour dough. LOVE IT. ;p

Kathleen Gentile

I used to bake bread all the time, and made my own English muffins from a sour dough starter. I got away from all that over the years, sadly. My hubby gave me a bread machine for Christmas and it sits in the cupboard unused. He got me an enormous bread cookbook, flour and yeast to go with it. I think I hesitate to use it because I'm afraid it could become an addiction and I can see us going through a loaf of bread a day! You would think that since we are stuck at home, I'd give it a go. And I think I will.

Robby H.

Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked bread! I've been avoiding this because I know I would want slice after slice which is not the case with store bought. Maybe I should give it a go before we get too warm to turn on the oven. Friends tell me those Zojirushi bread machines are the best.


For me, in the days when I was baking bread regularly, my favorite was Jim Leahy's No Knead Bread. Simple, no kneading, endlessly adaptable to adding nuts, fruit or grains, and always delicious.

Don't bake anymore, because we are watching carbs, but once we are out of quarantine and home again, I may make a loaf or two, for old times' sake!


I have several bread machines here. I do a lot of dough in them for sweet or dinner type rolls. Haven't done so much bread until lately. I use the bread machines and sometimes the KitchenAid mixer. None of my machines are as nice as yours but they do work ok. Your bread looks very good. We will all be making jam when the fruit comes in! Stay well.


I have a Cuisinart bread machine and I love it. Saves so much time! I no longer bake the bread in the machine...that little hole in the bottom drives me nuts! So I take the dough out and finish it the old fashioned way. Home baked bread is wonderful any way it is made! Hmmm, I might have to make some today.


I made two loaves yesterday, first knead in my Kenwood, 2nd knead by hand using the Amish White bread recipe, really easy and great results.

Susan Quinn

My bread machine gets constant use. I can't tell you when the last time was that I bought bread from the store. And it tastes so much better than store bought!!


I have been making plenty of bread during the lockdown - especially since the local grocery store seldom has any bread choices other than generic, no-taste white bread!
We have a 20-something year-old version of the Zojirushi bread machine. It's still plugging along! Ours makes the vertical loaf. I enjoyed seeing your version of the "Zoj" (as we affectionately call it), as I have been wondering what might be on the market. If ours ever dies, I'm definitely replacing it!


I found myself drawn into the sourdough starter vortex during this pandemic! (After all, what else is occupying my time, other than staring at a jar of goo, hoping to see it rise?!?) Made a sourdough focaccia last night from Jane Dough. But, had to put the leftovers in the freezer this morning because I found myself wanting to cut a slice (or two) just *even it up* a bit!


Love our bread makers! Yes, we have more than one, I think when the whole bread machine craze was going around. My husband makes this bread for "cubanos" and it takes two days to make without a bread machine. Only drawback is it makes four loaves 😱 The covid-15 is real! Please show what leopard print sandals you end up with, I'm always on the lookout for a cute pair.

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