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June 19, 2020


Susan S

Both pieces are striking! I really like the darker oranges too so the Cabin piece calls to me. I may have to acquire this book!


Love both quilts! The color choices are beautiful.
I’ve always loved postage stamp quilts but this one is gorgeous!

Mary Kastner

Great Halloween quilts! You had a productive week.

T Holzer

Beautiful, Nicole. I've purchased the Ebook and the pattern is printed...but I have to wait to order the ruler when our borders open. The ruler is way to pricey up here. Doesn't make sense, does it? That's why Fat Quarter Shop gets a lot of my mail order business. Have a great weekend.


Your cabin skein is so striking!
I've always liked the "Lucy" quilt and it's been on my bucket list for way too long.


Carrie Nelson has always come up with such interesting, fun names for her quilt patterns! Cabin Skein is a real beauty! Well done! Stay well!

Leota Krantz

Mini is so cute. Great for Autumn.


Great name for the first one, beautiful pattern. I love both quilts, gorgeous!

Jennifer in Indy

Wow, the mini-quilt is stunning! Love the pattern and the colors you chose.

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