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June 22, 2020


Susan Quinn

Your shelf looks lovely! I have found over the years that my quilting room is so much more enjoyable and I'm more,productive when its clean. Now I keep it that way all the time instead of doing massive cleans ups that I would dread. Happy quilting!

Susan S

The mini is fabulous! My sewing room is the worst ever as I've pulled a ton of fabric for a Jewel Box. Yours looks nice and organized now.


I have done the same organizing in my sewing studio also, since I made such a mess during the marathon virus sewing! Love my clean studio now, although it won’t last long. Seems to get into a mess again as soon as I start pulling fabrics for the next project! But I’ve read that you can’t be creative without creating a mess. So there you have it. We are just creative. I can deal with the mess.

Pam O

Amazing how organization can free up space.
Too late for your new ironing board, but I cover mine with aluminum foil first.
Shelves look great. Enjoy the new ironing board.
P.S. Iron a piece of freezer paper to the surface when working on a messy project.

Linda Kay Smith

Your little star quilt is really cute and the border fabric you chose is just right. Doesn't it feel good to straighten your sewing room. It actually feels physically good to me when I get it done and it makes me want to start a new project. I only wish it would last longer...


I looked for the Mini book over the weekend while visiting a new quilt shop. They didn't have it in stock, so I walked out with a Kim Diehl instead. This is still on my wish list; I love everything you've shown.


You've been pleasantly productive. The stars and the sampler-in-progress look great! Funny how long we try to get "just a little more use" out of something, like your pressing board. (For me, right now, it's the big mat on my cutting table. I need to get a new one!)


Yay for a productive weekend! I have a lot of patterns too and have sent a bunch to the thrift store. I also have a big bag of sewing stuff to donate to a group that keeps youths/teens busy. I figure even small triangles and strips can be used for collage and art if they don't work in quilts. Your stars look terrific.

Debbie R.

Love your mini stars! Wonderful! And having a tidy, organized space is a great feeling. Enjoy!


Your stars table topper is sweet. The border fabric reminds me of sparklers being twirled around. Perfect for your celebration.
I always find that it feels good to have a clear out and I usually discover things I had forgotten that I had. I've been going through quilting magazines and scanning the patterns that I want to keep into my computer. That way I'm leaving the magazine intact to donate to our local thrift shop... or a quilting buddy.


Great job on the topper! Your little stars really 'twinkle'! Once you sort through your patterns you might think about donating to one of the guilds affected by fires in California. Have a good week!

Stephani in N. TX

What an inspiration you are today Nicole. I need an ironing station, so I can put some storage under the ironing board which just has wasted space under it at present. I have built in book shelves in the sewing room in my new house and a shelf all along the window. Whatever landed there when I moved in is still there. I would love if it looked like your book shelf. I guess I won't be getting knee replacements since I already can't kneel and replacements won't fix that I guess. Knees don't do well on stairs either.Somethings just have to be accepted. I have a new bundle of Laurie Simpson to quilt with, can't wait to get to it.

Mary Kastner

I am so impressed! It looks great! I need to do some major "rearranging". How come it is so much fun to quilt and such a bother to clean up the aftermath?



a duplicate book? why, that has NEVER happened to me! ;p seriously, the room looks lovely. I love a well organized space.

I cleaned my sewing room 2 weeks ago because I was having the window cleaner come and I knew she would totally judge me if she saw the mess! I love having clean windows and screens. ;p


It's always satisfying to complete a thorough clean-up. I'm doing it more piecemeal now though, as I have 5 projects going at once, I'm cleaning up a bit after I finish each one.


Love your mini stars! I'm so jelly that your room is so clean! I can't throw away things, I feel so guilty, so maybe I need to swap or sell. Your room sure does look inviting!

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