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June 29, 2020



I think if you put a white batting behind it rather than the darker table, there might be more contrast showing. Quilting should help distinguish it even further. Don't give up on this little gem yet! Or if you do you can send it to me! :)

Nancy Stevens

Your work is beautiful. Yes, the contrast is weak, but it's not AWFUL! Finish it and use it. Or send it to me and I will!


All is not lost, I think you'll like it more after it's quilted. Have your quilter do a tight stipple in the light green area with a green thread that's a bit darker than the fabric. It's a really cute quilt!

Susan S

Good ideas above to help salvage the runner. Or use it as a gift maybe! The recipient will love it just because it is made by "hand".


I agree with the other comments, Nicole...don’t give up on your runner. It should look much better after it’s quilted. You did a wonderful job on the piecing, and it’s a great looking table runner! Please show it to us again after quilting and binding. I think it will be ready for your fall decorating.


I LOVE your tablerunner! I agree that the contrast is not so good. What about using some perle cotton in a dark brown or green and outlining the pumpkins and pinwheels. I bet it would look great. Sorry you are disappointed. I’m working on something that I thought would be great too-NOT!

Pam O

I think part of your concern is that most of the seams are shadowing thru at present. Yes, it is a subtle piece but once sandwiched with white batting and a light backing, it will look different.


I agree with using a color thread in the quilting, and I think adding the orange border will also bring a pop of contrasting color. Play with the idea of using different color threads quilting/outlining and I think this will be a. great low-contrast project. All is not lost! In fact, this will be very attractive.

T Holzer

And there's so much work in that table runner, heh?? Like the other readers, I think you should get it quilted and finished and then see how you feel about it. I like it! After you posted your sunflowers runner, I bought Hocus Pocus and the add on pattern, but I was going to make it from Kansas Troubles fabrics. Now I might be scared to start it?!? I'll let you know if I do.


I agree with what others have said--this will have much more contrast and definition when quilted and with the orange binding. It is really a beautiful little piece and so well-done! Definitely a keeper :-))

Michele Klein

It is a nice runner. More subtle than you are used to. That is kind of a trend I have noticed. Quilt it and see how you like it. As someone else said you can also gift it.

Linda Kay Smith

I wonder if using a cream colored (not white) batting might help a bit? It's a really cute pattern but I see your disappointment about the lack of contrast.

Deb E / CA

Agree with the use of white batting before you give up - its a pretty piece! How about using some embroidery floss in slightly different colors to do some 'big stitch' highlighting in those areas that are 'lost'? I think it would be stellar. Don't give up - you have a pretty piece there that just needs a little attention to make it shine! Deb E / CA

Karen K

I agree with everyone else. I think that once you get it quilted with a white batting you’ll love it like those on the pattern. Don’t give up on it yet!


I agree too. A white batting and light backing and some great quilting will bring that project to life! But it is a bummer when you're excited to finish a project and it doesn't turn out as you expected.

Debbie R.

It's beautifully pieced. And I think you've received lots of great advice. Don't give up on it. We all look forward to seeing the completed — and beautiful — table runner.


I am sorry you are disappointed because I think it is lovely! I took a picture of yours and the designers on her website and they look identical. Sometimes I get an idea in my head what the quilt is going to look like when I start and it it ends up different to my vision and I am disappointed. But I think this is a very elegant table runner and I am going to make it! Carry on Nicole you make great quilts! You got lots of great advice too from your readers!


Oh, I feel your pain! In addition to the suggestion to quilt with heavy and highly-contrasting thread -- just put it away for a while. When you revisit it you will likely get a flash of inspiration!


It is a little low contrast, but I think once you get the contrasting binding on the piece might look better. The darker binding will bring out the dark in the piece more.


I'm late to the party this morning, so nothing to add except I agree with not ditching this runner! Your commenters have offered some great ideas. Could professional lighting & photo manipulation possibly have enhanced the pattern cover version? I do hope you take some of the suggestions & finish up this sophisticated pumpkin runner!


White batting will definitely help. I would be leery about using a darker thread for the quilting as it might draw attention to the quilting rather than to the quilt design. The background quilting should add texture and contrast but not become the main focus. Perhaps your quilter will have some suggestions. It's a lovely runner!!


I have no new ideas, but there are some excellent thoughts above. I think this still can be saved even if it never matches your mind's eye. Lovely work on it, too.

Ann D.

I think it's cute! If you send it to me, I'll quilt it and send it back. I agree with the suggestions for a white batting and darker thread.


So happy that you DO “keep it real”. The conversation and tips that everyone shared have been great advice for me. We will stay tuned for the grand finish!

Stephani in N. TX

Not sure I have anything more to add to make your runner better than what is mentioned above. I do know I donated some pretty but kind of light colored quilts to my guild. When I saw them quilted, they looked completely different and I was a little jealous someone else was getting my quilts. They perked up so much with the dimension that quilting adds, they were really pretty. Our turn to encourage you. Keep calm and quilt on!

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