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June 29, 2020



Thanks for keeping it real! There are some ideas here for trying to save it, I think worth a try because probably way too much work to take it apart and use another background fabric.

Mary Kastner

I think if you lace it on a darker surface it will show up just fine. It is so well done, you have to display it Nicole. VEry pretty piece.


darn. :( honestly, I've had similar things happen to me. Not enough contrast but the pattern picture looked perfect. I wonder if the photographer is adjusting the colors so the picture turns out? I don't know.

Maybe you could piece this into the backing of a quilt so it isn't a total loss? I know you hate this pattern right now but maybe try again in the fall with your own fabric selection?


What an adorable runner and think you are selling it to short.....after quilting and batting things will change a bit and you just might feel differently. Love this pattern and dang cute! Love it....

Christine Cole

Don't despair! I really think quilting a different pattern inside the pumpkins and pinwheels vs. the background will make all the difference. I love your little quilt!


I saw this pattern, and purchased it, too. I had already decided to use more contrast with mine...but, that being said...if you make a pumpkin quilt, you might want to add this to the would look smashing...! I have made so many things over the years that I was disappointed in, especially if I had high hopes...some of them were actually okay, but I learned from each one...and a few of them were put on the back of other quilts, where they were a perfect fit...Thank you for disclosing a less-than-perfect outing with a quilt pattern...make me feel less intimidated...!

Dusty Huxford

I agree with the others. Get it quilted with a white batting and you will be happier when it’s finished. Make sure the pumpkins are the show piece by going light on the quilting. It’s a beautiful piece and thank you for sharing.


Poor thing. I am really sorry— been there! Stick it in a drawer and see how you feel at the end of the summer before you spend another minute on it!


I love it! I know it's subtle and I struggle when they have you make something that's supposed to "melt" or "fade" into the background after you've done so much work on it but it looks so good! Make a companion piece to go in another area or use it as a bench pillow instead, or raffle it off :)

Anorina Morris

I honestly think your table runner is really lovely and subtlety is quite elegant. Keep going. I'm sure you'll absolutely love it when it's finished.


I like the idea of button hole stitch in pale peach pumpkin color around the pumpkins. Would look nice with the binding too.

Peggie Riccio

I, too, thought putting the white backing under yours would make the pumpkins a bit more definite. Also, could the company who did the photoshoot for the picture that would appear on the pattern envelope have possibly made their green a bit brighter or darker? Maybe they thought it was a little bit dull and just added a tinge more green to their picture to make it more appealing? My hubby fools around with pictures and how they look and says this is quite possible. Your piece is very pretty and you should not beat yourself up. Good luck, and keep us posted!

Carolyn Sands

I think if you lay it on something light you will be able to see the contrast you were expecting to see. You’re looking at a single layer of fabric on a dark surface. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference. And don’t be so hard on yourself.

AnnieO in SoCalif

Looks pretty cute to me! As others have mentioned, you may like it a lot better after it is quilted and bound in a contrasting color.

Penny Holliday

I like your beautiful pumpkin table runner very much! The low contrast colors especially appeal to me rather than the usual in your face "Halloween" or "Fall" colors.Your piecing is so precise & wonderful, also! Take a little break from your beautiful table runner, then quilt it with color & enjoy!

Jennifer in Indy

What a bummer after all that work. It is a really neat pattern, hope you’ll make it again with a darker background

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