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June 25, 2020


Chris Horne

What a cute room Miss Eva has! Love the quilt on the bed. The only thing my grandsons are into is sports🤨


Your tiered tray decorations are so pretty! How nice that Eva got to redecorate her room! I see that Ozzie breezed in to check it out! There was a day when those shoes would have been too much for him to resist! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Everything you did looks so nice!


Love your tier tray and am on the look out for one myself... just so dang cute! Eva’s room looks so grown up and how is this possible??? Hey, can I enter twice for the drawing for tomorrow... 😛😁


Love you tiered tray. And the salt and pepper shakers!

Susan Quinn

I always love seeing how you decorate your three tiered tray 🙂 I really like Eva's new bedroom! Quite snazzy! The lingerie chest and the dresser in the closet are perfect in the places that you put them!

Kathi Kittle

What a lucky girl Eva is. I have an 8-year old granddaughter who would love a room like that when she comes over! I love the quilt cozy. I have wanted to make one like that ever since seeing one similar on the British tv show "As Time Goes By". What size are your pinwheels?


We're at the point where if my car saw an open store, it would veer off into the parking lot of its own accord too! Cute little bedroom for Eva, I love that she has her own room at your house.


THE POOL IS OPEN!!! Did she have fun or was it disappointing bc of social distancing? I really like those fire crackers. Hate the real ones but like those painted ones. ;p

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