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June 01, 2020


Susan S

Nice work! I don't have a system. Mine are in various closets and bags and, like you, I had to search for various holiday/seasonal items. I should organize them...soon!


They look so pretty so neatly stacked. I would find myself just going and looking at them. I keep mine on the top shelf of my linen closes, in a large hope chest my father made me, and I have several quilt racks throughout my house.....and I am running out of room. I am considering taking my older "utility" type quilts that I have on the beds, and giving them to my children. Just let them draw numbers and pick the ones they want. It is further complicated as I have quilts made by my mother and my husband's grandmother and great aunt. I cant part with these, but it sure takes up room storing them as well.


That was quite a job of sorting, cleaning and refolding, but don't they look great, now that they are all organized and easy for you to see.
I don't have a large space to store all of my quilts, so they are stored on different closet shelves and a few are under the bed in pillow cases and storage containers.
I don't launder them if they've been taken out to be displayed, but I do if they've been used on a bed for a guest.
A person can never have too many Halloween quilts...just saying.


What a job that was! No wonder you're tired after hefting heavy quilts up & down a ladder! They look very organized & beautifully folded together as they wait their turn to be on show. I have several quilt racks around the house for display, but I tend to gift my quilts so the number here are fairly easy to manage. I do wash them if they're used because, as much as anything, I love the crinkly goodness of a freshly washed quilt! Stay well!


I have two chests full of Xmas quilts several ladders with quilts on and a stack on a n old church pew. I have been better at giving quilts to family and friends weddings engagement s babies birthdays etc. saw a great YouTube on Missouri Star the other day about folding and cataloging quilts looked like a great idea

Mary Kastner

Great job Nicole! it looks so tidy. It is fun to look at all your efforts once in a while. My quilts are scattered all over the house. Not well organized at all and I just make another one. My guest room has several stacked on the bed and when I have company I just take them off and fold them and stack them in my quilt room. Halloween quilt? Oh yes, I am in for sure. I LOVE Halloween fabric. Honestly I think it is my favorite.

Stephani in N. TX

I have the same stacks of quilts, have donated many as a guild member, made them for family including parents and I now have them back. I also have a stack of those bright quilts because that appeals to me occasionally. I have 30 quilts in my guest bedroom, not counting what's in the triple dresser in there. I used to collect little side tables as well as baskets. Every side table has a little stack of quilts on it and on the shelf under it. I have large baskets in some rooms which of course each have a few quilts. I love looking at them so I see them every day. I rotate what goes on the beds seasonally except for the sewing room which is so full of quilt projects the quilts are covered up. I try to move and gauge the lighting on my quilts so they don't fade. I'm not turning them out quite so fast these days, just dallying and taking my time quilting. I made my first Halloween quilt 1-2 years ago, and bought a little more scary looking fabric for my Halloween loving DIL. Soon will have to decide which quilt to make, possibly a Fig Tree pattern that has bats on it. I have just decided I love my "art" and it's the one thing I'm doing until I'm not able anymore. Do you have the heart on your Iphone that counts your steps? Must have been a big day for your step counter. Your results are beautiful and so organized.


It's nice to revisit the quilt collection. What impresses me most is the size of your closet! With a window!


Yes, I go through my quilts periodically. Tastes change, so I sell the ones I don't want at an area auction. Sometimes I'm surprised at the amount they bring; a few times I don't make as much, but they all help feed the buying fabric habit. I try to keep a small inventory at home because of storage.

We recently finished a remodel of a bedroom, so I store some on the bed under a comforter. Small ones are rolled up and stored in antique crocks or baskets. I'm always looking for cute ideas for storage where I can see them.

Patty Fowl

I have found, over the many years I have quilted, that I have accumulated way beyond what I need or what I could display. I have gifted quilts to all family members, donated them for charity raffles, keeping the ones I want to display or use personally. I shy away from doing too many bed-sized quilts anymore as I am running out of room. Many times, I have done quilts that I chose because I like the fabric or wanted to try the pattern, never intending to use them in my home. I did find a wonderful organization, Quilts for Compassion, that takes donated quilts/afghans, etc and donates to hospice and also to victims of hurricanes/fires/floods/tornadoes. They are based out of OH and are so grateful to receive but it gets pricey shipping those heavy quilts.


um, I have stacks of quilts everywhere. yikes! no organization here. ;p

yes, you should definitely make another Halloween quilt...


First, I envy you having that big walk-in closet. Our house was built in 1917, lots of "charm" but small closets. Second, I saw a video on Missouri Star Quilt Co that was very interesting, about how they fold, catalog, and store all their quilts. They make about 150 a year, so their collection far exceeds mine, but the folding instructions were great. Third, I also have quilts from my early years that I am unlikely to use much but would like to find something to do with them, other than just store them. I have just the one child and there is a limit to how many I can foist onto her.


I have plenty of quilts but manage to give some of them tor benefits or just a fun surprise to a friend. I find I don't regret gifting and it does make storage less burdensome. I moved in the last year and have a great closet with deep shelves. I only launder them if i actually use them on a bed.

Christine H Hancock

Wow, what a display of quilts, they are amazing. Makes my few look really paultry.

Jody Randall

I store all my quilts (most are table topper or wall hang size)in a portable zippered closet. I use pant/skirt hangers you get at the store and just hang my quilts that way. I only end up with one or two creases. The zippered closet keeps them clean.

Jennifer in Indy

I really need to be more organized in my quilt storage and put a bit of a rotation in place. Your shelves look great!

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