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June 30, 2020



What a fun Halloween table runner! And with great contrast! Don't forget to show us the Hocus Pocus table runner when you get it back from the quilter. We'll all be curious to see how it turned out.


Great idea making table runners out of those sections....and who doesn't love the bats! Can't think of a better Spookey project and perfect!

Anorina Morris

Hocus Pocus is a fun pattern, but I can't help but imagine Bette Midler's face from the film with the same name :)


I am also a fan of all your work. I am amazed on how productive you are. These bats are charming.


Your white bat is cute! Good to know that Sara also thinks the Hocus Pocus pattern photo was enhanced. It's not anything you did, for sure! You'll have everyone's decor all ready for Halloween in no time! 🎃👻

Susan S

I'm so glad you moved on and made this great table runner! I might have to get this pattern now. I've been looking at it for awhile.

T Holzer

I do like the deeper colour depths of this fabric. And filtering photos for enhancement?? That just feels wrong to me and leaves me shaking my head! We often depend on photos to make purchases. I have a day with no running and I'd like to get to my sewing machine this afternoon.

Robby H.

Your daughter may well be correct. It may also be that slight unintended variations in both the fabric and pattern printing worked together against you. These bats are very fun.

Debbie R.

Your bats are terrific! And great that you will make some beautiful lemonade from what you thought were lemons yesterday! We all want to see what a difference the quilting makes, so be sure to show us!


Table runner looks great. No border needed!


Love the bats! I am just finishing up the Bone n Chain pattern with Hallo Harvest but I think I have enough fabric left for a bat table runner! Xoxo


Oh, another wonderful finish! YAY! Sewing is good for the soul. Yay to Ryan for appreciating your work and for being a good father.


Oh, another wonderful finish! YAY! Sewing is good for the soul. Yay to Ryan for appreciating your work and for being a good father.


Love it Nicole! Would 2 charm packs make a table runner?


Love your runner! So sad I missed the boat on that line, they really do design nice fabric!


next up for me also

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