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July 20, 2020



Hi, I just started the Sun Sister by Lucinda Riley. There is actually one more book in this series! 😊

Mary Kastner

MY thoughts and prayers are with your Dad. THe sunflower blocks are pretty and look perfect too! Have a great day.


Do hope that your dad has improvement from the injections. It is so frightening.


I can only find three of the Riley series to listen to. Have you found them all? I like to listen when I drive and sew and love hearing the dialects....example.....the “Christo” for the statue. Are you getting them through your library or reading them? Thanks!


The runner is going to be pretty--the versatile size is a big plus! Nice to see your dad looking somewhat relaxed in the doctor's office. Wishing him lots of success & relief with the treatment! Stay well!


It's such a cute table runner for the fall season. I'm hoping your dad will have great success with his eye injections. Keep us posted.

AnnieO in SoCalif

Love your sunflower blocks--they are looking very good!

Glad your dad is the adaptable kind at his age, amazing. Hope the shots do indeed help his vision.

Debbie R.

Love your sunflower blocks. They are gorgeous. And what a nice table runner they will be part of!

Kudos to your dad for his fortitude. Sure hope those injections help. Sending good thoughts his way — and yours.


So glad you mentioned the Sun Sister book, I had read all the others and was looking forward to the next one but it completely went out of my mind when my husband's unexpected death turned my world upside down.
Your Dad looks calm and relaxed and ready to get on with his treatment - here's hoping it will give him back his ability to read.

Vicki Swigert

Your dad is brave. I would be a basket case. I’ve enjoyed the Seven Sister series but don’t assume this is the last book.

Tana Riffel

I am a lurker to your blog....and have possibly commented a time or two. I really enjoy your book reviews, and just finished listening to The Sun Sister last night. It was just the right type of book for my current Covid mood...not too heavy, not too fluffy! All my best to your dad.


I love that book!! I've made 6 of them so far, and so glad you said where the pattern was from so now I can do the Duet too! But first, the last wedding table topper needs quilted. Maybe I should get that done before DD's wedding in less than 3 weeks!

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