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July 23, 2020


Susan C Quinn

Your block is beautiful! I too am always surprised at how much fabric waste there is with paper piecing and that's probably why I don't do it unless I'm forced to!


Good morning Nicole, so glad all went well and that you are back to normal, even feeling up to a song and dance. What a lovely block and I absolutely love your color choices.


I’m so glad your procedure is over and done with, and went well. I don’t care for paper piecing, so I avoid it at all costs, and I don’t feel badly about that at all. There are so many opportunities to find challenges in quilting - hand applique, hand piecing, hand quilting, designing, and so on - that I look for my challenges elsewhere. I hope you are feeling even better today!

Stephani in N. TX

I wish part of my brain was like Jenn Kingwell, just scrappy enough and so creative. Your results look somewhat like Laurie Simpson's block. Beautiful. Glad you are feeling recovered. Live to dance another day. Hugs.


Its a gorgeous block - and love your fabric choices. I am a big fan of paper piecing and do try to conserve my stash wherever possible, but I love the preciseness of paper piecing. I do a lot of Freezer Paper piecing and can at least use the paper many times and not ripping off the paper.

Carol D Duffy

That is such a pretty block! I like paper piecing for halfsquare triangles, but I don't prefer intricate picture blocks where the background ends up looking like a fractured piece of glass. This design is just perfect!

Lynn C. (NJ)

Love the fabrics in your block. Paper piecing can be a trial but gargantuan chunks are the way to go. No more too short pieces. lol

Mary Kastner

Your block is really pretty and looks perfect. Glad you are feeling better and your procedure is over. Take care.

Sandy Carlson

Glad things are getting closer to normal for you! Your color placement gives the block such dimension! Love it!

Debbie R.

Your block is gorgeous! Glad you are in a happy dance frame of mind. Celebrate it!

Kerry L.

Nicole you gave such a lovely turn of phrase! You should really write a book!

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