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July 28, 2020



It's a very nice mix of soft prints -- I like the introduction of the darker creamy tan.

Mary Kastner

IT looks so pretty Nicole. YOu can use it for Valentine's Day too. it also looks like a lot of work! Good luck!

Best Wishes

Debbie R.

Very nice!! And I'm so impressed that all your HSTs came out at the right size, no trimming needed.


Don't sell yourself short! That Easy Angle ruler didn't do the work all by itself! You definitely have the skill it takes for such accuracy! I think your improvised creams allow the Cinnaberry to be the 'star of the show'! Stay well!

Kathleen Gentile

You are a brave woman! I think I would get so lost trying to lay that out, that I would never attempt making it. I don't have a design wall area, so that would probably stop me cold.
It's going to be beautiful!


bravo vraiment bien fait vous avez un don pour faire un carré aussi bien taillé et cousules couleurs sont magnifique j'adore.claudy

Lisa D.

What a thoughtful gift from your son. He's always been good at spoiling you. I love your Cinnaberry quilt!

Linda Carpenter

Made this top not long ago...still have to quilt it...It's a beautiful piece and I am very happy the way it turned out. I bought a second kit thinking I would make another one, but that was before I finished the first. I gave the kit to a friend that admired mine. She is a new quilter and was so delighted to have one without spending the cash!!!

Penny Holliday

Wonderful gift! I love your son's choice of fabric & your design choice! So beautiful! So elegant!


Absolutely beautiful! I would love one, but really fear I would be too intimidated by it. So I will just enjoy yours 🙂

Maryin Kansas


Do you have enough light cream HSTs to form a light X radiating out from the center. The pattern in your picture appears to have an X. Might be fun to try. Very pretty as is, however.

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