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July 16, 2020



God bless you dear Dad and thank goodness treatment is now available. Thinking of you both. Xoxo


My heart goes out to you and your father Nichole. I pray the treatments
Stop the vision loss and possibly restore some vision. My father had the dry kind and not anything to help at that time. He had to
Surrender his drivers license and therefore his independence. My mother
Didn’t drive so both were affected. Very sad day. Hoping your father
Responds to treatment.


I’m so sorry. I’m a big reader too..,Prayers for your dad and you, too❤️💕


Vision is such a necessary in our lives and as we age our like to everything ...will keep my fingers crossed and hope with all my heart all goes well for your dad. Hoping his treatments are successful!


I hope the treatments will help his vision so that he will be able to enjoy reading again. My thoughts go out to him and to you. This pandemic is affecting people in so many ways.

Nancy Stevens

Encouragement: My cousin, age 93, has been receiving these injection treatments for at least four years. They are effective at preserving her vision. xx n

Carla HR

My best wishes to your Dad. Having been an avid reader all my life I know how important this activity is. My sister has been having the injections for a few years now and they seem to help somewhat and do slow the progression of the disease.


I'm so sorry. Will be praying for your dad.


Prayers and best wishes to your father.


Hi, I read your blog and have never posted, but I wanted to offer perceptions of a friend's experience with WMD. He too had a bit of delay in diagnosis and treatment, however his results have restored some vision and maintained vision at the level. On another note he’s mentioned that the eye injections were not as bad as he imagined. He did say the first one was hard to think about, because it was new. So keeping thoughts of success.


My heart goes out to you, as does my thoughts and prayers. I am wishing that these injections bring his sight back. In the meantime, you might think about audiobooks to help him get his reading fix. I actually like some audiobooks better than reading myself because of the fun accent or dramatic reading.

Pam Thorne

Sorry to hear about your dad's vision. I have an 80 yr old friend who has this same condition. She goes for monthly injections in her eyes and is still a very prolific quilt maker and reader. Her mother went blind and she was so afraid of this happening to her. She has been having these injections for several years and it is keeping her condition from worsening.

Diane Linford

My dad had the same eye issue. The injections were a huge help, and he didn't mind getting the injections at all. His retinal specialist was amazing, and great at communicating with both my dad and me.
Maybe getting him set up with audio books would be helpful? I know that there are many free options available. My husbands grandfather died at 97 years of age, and enjoyed listening to books his last few years when his vision wasn't so great anymore. Best of luck to you!


Oh gosh this just broke my heart. Praying he gets his vision back. Sending positive thoughts.


I will pray for Dad. Be encouraged the condition and the treatment is quite common.

Robbin White

Praying for your Dad's eyes and you.

Stephani in N. TX

My mother and older brother had problems with WMD. Mom just sadly progressed to not watching (listening) to TV or reading. However, my brother not only reads a great deal, he is a creative writer. He has an IPad reader that he can communicate with, it enlarges the print from newspapers, books and magazines so he can continue with reading and writing in a deep and meaningful way. He inputs and gets output from the reader function by voice on the Ipad, and this from a person minimally into computers. I know he has had shots but don't know about the experience or frequency. Please keep us up to speed with your Dad's progress. My brother lives in Santa Cruz so I could put you in touch if needed. He's the first person I'm calling if needed although I have been told I have no signs of this vision thief.

Dona Zarosinski

My best to you and your Dad and a hello to Kate!!

Lisa D.

Sending healing thoughts to your dad. I hope he can regain his eyesight so he can read to his heart's content. Hugs to you both.

Linda Kay Smith

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's situation. As a person with vision problems and an avid reader (and quilter) I know how important vision is and the frustration of having issues with it. More fallout from this virus. I will pray for your Dad.

Mary Kastner

I am so sorry for your Dad. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers and hope for the best.

Susan S

Thank goodness for comment sections! I am so glad people are speaking up with their experiences. And I'm also sad to hear this was not an "essential" medical emergency. I will pray for you all.


Oh Nichole..I am so sorry! Prayers for your Dad and you. My Dad has macular degeneration also but it is not the kind that can be treated. Getting older is not for the faint of heart.

Bertha Mallard

Praying for your dad.

Patty Fowl

My heart was breaking for you and your Dad as I read your post. In the last years of my Dad's life, he lost much of his vision from glaucoma. Audio books were a great help and, at that time, the machine and a huge catalog of books and periodicals was available, all free of charge, through an association that worked with the visually impaired. Keeping you and your Dad in my thoughts and prayers that he regains some of his sight. I know you will keep us all posted and take care of yourself! Sending you virtual hugs!!

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