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July 16, 2020


Pam O

Prayers and hugs for both of you.

Sherri C

I have something called BRVO--branch retinal vein occulsion and I get shots in my eye. Basically I have a leaky vein in my eye. I was having blurry vision in my eye a year ago and was sent to a retinal specialist. The first shot was scary--heck--a SHOT IN MY EYE! I started out getting a shot once a month and now it's every 2 months. Can't be healed so I will get shots forever--well as long as I'm alive--and I'm 74 so it might be for a long time. The shots aren't terrible after the first one and they numb you up really well. Hope all goes well with your Dad!Hugs for both of you.

Alice R.

I'm so sorry. We have dealt with vision loss in the parents so check out "That All May Read", a national free service for the blind - legally blind which your dad's doctors can certify.At the time our parents used it, veterans book requests go to the head of the line.Both audio and braille books are available. They make it as easy as possible with the mailing of materials.

Annette D.

Hoping this appointment with the specialist will lead to great results for restoring your dad's vision so he can get back to reading.


My WMD was diagnosed just before lockdown started. The retinologist cleared some of his appointment during this time but sees all WMD because it is vital. When he gets new referrals he sees them within a week. Makes for some long days for him and sometimes for all the scheduled patients. I showed improvement after three injections. I am so greatfull.

Nancy Watkins

I feel so bad for your dad! I know his fear because I have glaucoma and hope to never go blind. I knew someone who was helped by the shots so keep positive! 🙏

Kathleen Gentile

This is heartbreaking to hear, and encouraging to learn that there are treatments that can help. I will be praying for your father, and for you, as you go through this.

Cathy McMann

Oh Nicole, so sorry to read this and hoping for the best for you and your dad.


I knew your readers would respond & they sound very positive! I'll add that my husband 'knew' WMD was a good possibility because his dad had it. Sure enough, he realized almost immediately what was happening. He has Eylea shots in the eye every 3 months. We also have a 96-year old friend who has been getting the shots in both eyes for several years. Both she & my husband are avid readers & use Kindles with adjustable size text. My father-in-law used the audio books & reading material like magazines available to legally blind people. They were quick & easy to order & return. Stay well.

Patricia Ludwiczak

Im so sorry your dad is going through this. Your dad's swift visual problem was an emergency - he should have been seen! I experienced wavy vision and my Dr. got me in to see the retina specialist right away. I have a different issue, but received a shot in my eye which surprisingly didn't hurt. Things got a little better, but not much. I had a shot every month with some improvement. My Dr. decided it was time to change medications and had to get permission to try a new one - it worked! Much better now, but I'll still need more shots. Don't give up - as a reader and quilter, I was distraught and it's taken awhile, but I'm much better. Incidentally, help him use lots of art. tears on the day of the shot and a few days later - it helps. Good luck to both of you.

Jean Thut

I am so sorry this is happening. I can think of a couple of things that could help. I’m thinking audiobooks but I’m wondering if his eyesight is so poor that he couldn’t see the keys on a tablet in order to get the book started. Another thought is to contact the local senior agencies and possibly some churches and see if they have a program where they can send somebody out to read to him. Check with his local library for ideas as well. Good luck and give him a hug for me.

Liz A

My heart goes out to you. We have a dear friend in her 80’s with this type of macular degeneration she has also had the injections in the eyeball. She is also a big reader. At this point she’s no longer able to read. She’s been using audio books via a program from the state but hasn’t even had those since March due to Covid and shutdowns.......

AnnieO in SoCalif

That is so sad! Poor guy. Wet macular degeneration is a very common condition and treatable, but as you say, better when caught earlier. I hope the Avastin injections help. We see lots of older folks with macular degeneration, and my MIL had it too, but took medication and had regular treatments. She had dry macular degeneration. Audiobooks?


Crushing. Heartbreaking. I wish I could hug you both. I am so glad they are seeing him quickly now. Covid has just destroyed so many lives. It makes me angry. It didn't have to be like this. :(

Arrowhead Gramma

Thoughts and prayers to your Daddy and that the medical experts will be able to reverse his condition. Take care.

Linda L

I have never commented before it just wanted to send both you and your Dad my thoughts and prayers for the treatment being effective.

Debbie R.

Thinking of you and your dad, and hoping for a good outcome that will allow him the pleasure of reading again.

Jan Altomare

I m sorry to hear about your Dad. Hubby had shots in his eyes for a different condition. The good thing was the shots didn't hurt. They worked for him until he could get surgery. Hope they help your Dad. No apologies about this type of post.

Jennifer Gwyn

I will send positive thoughts to him for sure - and to you because I know you are worried sick about him as well.


Best wishes for renewed sight for your father.


Nicole, we will be praying that the injections work and in the meantime he can listen to audio books and that will help him along with having you there with him keep him calmer. Don’t want anything to cause his blood pressure to come up. I am sending you a big hug.

Donna Bowman

This is my first time to comment but I read your Blog every day and enjoy it VERY-VERY much. As others have said, I'm sorry about your Dad"s eye condition. Love and Prayers for him and your family.


So sorry to hear about your Dad"s vision problems. I never experienced dry macular degeneration. so I started out with wet MD , and was fortunate to start my injections immediately. I have been receiving injections for 8 years, once a month. I hope your Dad has good results with his injections.

Marylou Hansen

Sending prayers for your dad. He is so lucky to have a wonderful family.

Susan C Quinn

Here is a great big hug 🙇‍♀️ 🙇‍♀️ for both of you!!

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