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July 06, 2020


christina m nevils

Wonderful ❣️ your holiday weekend is exactly what pp should do more of? Enjoy one another, and don't miss out on life's real treasures!

mari brown

Just bought this template. Did you line your masks? I am trying to decide between an non-woven interfacing or a second layer of fabric. Thoughts?
thank you!


Good morning Nicole, I haven't commented lately but read (and enjoy) your blog every morning as I have my breakfast. I will certainly buy this template as it looks as though we will be needing those masks for a long time. Could you please tell me what width elastic you used. Thanks so much.

Kathi Kittle

Thanks for your suggestion of the face mask template...I just ordered one. I'm wondering if you made the small for Eva. I have 5 and 8 year old grandchildren and having trouble fitting them with the rectangular method. Thanks...I enjoy your blog so much!

Pam Thorne

I also bought the ruler as the rectangular masks did not fit my face well. These do have a better fit. I used 1/8" elastic and the fit over my glasses and hearing aids are much better than 1/4" elastic. I had to cut my elastic 1" smaller than their smallest suggestion. The fit is fantastic!


A mask template is a smart idea! In response to Mari above, I read last week & also saw on tv news that Florida Atlantic University's study on masks showed 2 layers of 'quilting cotton' fabric were the most effective of homemade materials for masks. It contains droplets to 2.5" & bandanas allow them to travel up to 3.6'. That's my trivia for Monday! Stay well!


Lovely holiday!

Robby H.

Sounds like a really nice holiday! More masks are in the works here, too.

Mary Ann

I love the template. My girls have smaller faces so the first one I made was the small. It fit the eleven year old perfectly. Next time I will make the dart for a closer fit. I do line them with featherweight light interfacing and it doesn't make the mask stiff.

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