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July 10, 2020



Absolutely darling!


OMG...this is so cute and think you are on to something really great here. Love that bird and know you are going to love this much more.

Stephani in N. TX

Out of darling but plain churn dash block, you have created a bird and stars in hand. Genius! I really must get with my whole bin plus of waiting Fig Tree yardage, scraps and bits.


Very cute, I like where this is going.

Namcy Watkins

I bought that bird pattern because I thought that bird was so stinking cute but now I am glad to know someone who had tried it first. It might be too putzy for me too! What a cute idea you had with this table runner Nicole!


Everyone needs to take a day off occasionally, especially these days. I love reading your blog but would never complain about your taking a day off. Your projects inspire me and I love that bird. Have been wanting to try birds but am looking for a paper-pieced pattern myself because all those tiny pieces intimidate me. Have a good day Nicole.

Debbie R.

Love that little bird. And your own unique YOU take on the table runner is great! Fun. Fresh! Happy dreaming on the rest of those Frivols. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Dona Z.

I love that bird too...and I’m happy that it is still available from The Pattern Basket...must order. I often wander into my sewing room first thing when I’ve had an inspiration in the night or to see if a design problem has solved itself..

Mary Kastner

WHat a wonderful creative idea ! LOve tthe bird. Have a nice weekend.


Beth F

I like the star blocks around the bird, and I can understand making only a couple of those, they do look fussy! But cute! Strawberry Fields was one of my favorite lines, I remember being in the middle of making a quilt with it when the Revisited line came out, I'm not too speedy. Have a great weekend!


What a lovely table runner that is going to be and I love the way you've set the bird.
Enjoy your weekend and stay safe..


Your readers missed you but I'll bet we all wished you a nice 'day off', too! The bird in the center of that runner/topper is a cute idea! Strawberry Fields was such a great fabric line & is perfect for that project. 🍓🍓 Stay well!


Oh, that is just really lovely with the little bird in the middle. Yep, that little bird looks very fussy. ;p

Everything is so surreal. I am having the weirdest dreams. Sometimes I wake up so exhausted by it.

Have a lovely weekend and stay cool.


Several years ago I made a large bed quilt for a friend using churn dash. That cured me of that block. The stars are wonderful.

Sandy Carlson

I have that same bird pattern! Might stay in the pattern drawer a little longer now, but Fig Tree fabric would be lovely to use with it. Another of her patterns, County Fair, is on my soon to make list. Love how the table runner is coming together. Great way to showcase the lovely bird!


I have all twelve frivols kits, and though I LOVE fig tree, the churn dash quilt isn't that interesting to me... on the other hand, I LOVE what you're doing! I am usually a highly creative type-- not sure what it is, but I feel compelled to make the frivols exactly as planned. I love Lori Holt's blocks, so if you've ever tried her blocks, the bird looks like a piece of cake-- haha!


Greetings from Australia. I love that bird block too. I had to hunt it down here and also managed to buy the Country Bunnies pattern as well. Haven't started yet but they make me happy just looking at the patterns. Good on you to play around with the frivols, make it your own - be frivolous with them ( sorry , sorry--haha )


So serendipitous the way your cheerful table runner came to be. Great bespoke project, thanks for sharing.


That bird block is too cute. So inspiring

Susan C Quinn

What a great table runner! That just goes to show that dreams really do come true!

Lynn C. (NJ)

Very cute! Thanks for showing that star. I don't remember every seeing that variation before. Nice job of making the project your own.

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